Tyrese Gibson, we all know him and love him. He’s the Baby Boy, Jody Summers. He’s a sweet serenader, a motivator and an absolute heartthrob. This week, however, Industry Rules was introduced to a Tyrese we aren’t as familiar with; Tyrese, the entrepreneur and philanthropist. The mega movie star is evolving into a mega mogul and we are totally here for it! The Fast and Furious star “invites you to rediscover travel” with his brand new company Voltron Travel. Voltron Travel is a booking accommodation space powered by Priceline and 100% owned by Tyrese. Although the company has been operating for only 3 years, Tyrese is already focusing on how he can use this new opportunity to benefit his melanin abundant brothers and sisters.

He’s partnered with Thurgood Marshall College Fund, the nation’s largest organization exclusively representing the Black College Community, to help give one of the greatest gifts one can give: the gift of an education. It may seem random, nevertheless, Tyrese started this company because he astutely noticed a lack of representation of black and brown people when it comes to travel. He saw that a lot of media illustrated black people as hospitality workers and not as travelers. He wanted to create a space for people to easily access the world; the way he was finally able to, once he wandered away from South Central L.A. There is such a high that comes with booking a vacation, no matter if it’s a family vacation, or a baecation or even just a simple weekend getaway. There’s always a flutter of excitement as plans for a trip come together and become more concrete. With Voltron Travel the excitement will be laced with pride, knowing that the flights and hotels booked will be making an impact in a young student’s life, thanks to the partnership with Thurgood Marshall. TMCF is no rookie when it comes to educational excellence. Established in 1987, the college fund has awarded more than $300 million in assistance to its students and member-schools.

Tyrese has been in the entertainment industry for quite awhile. He admits that he had to be a little crazy to last this long, and credits his faith in God for his success. He’s at a point in life where the success isn’t enough though. He’s yearning to do more and to give back in a personal way. With the help of Thurgood Marshall College Fund he can use his influence to elevate countless young men and women to their full potential. Sweet Tyrese, we thought we knew him but we are learning so much more, and with each layer pealed he gets even sweeter and our love expands exponentially.

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