Armand Peri is the epitome of the American dream. Born immigrant who moved to this country at the age of 12, Armand quickly climbed the ladder of success. His accomplishments are noteworthy.  From being a successful real estate investor and developer to starting his own public relations firm, this self-made business professional is an advocate for social justice.  He donates his time and money to several organizations that helps improve the well being of immigrant children in both Newark and Freehold, New Jersey.  He’s truly one of today’s American heroes. 

With all his business ventures that certainly keeps him busy, Armand took the time out of his schedule to speak to Industry Rules about his career, business and the outlook for 2021.

AF: How have you been under the world’s COVID-19 pandemic? 

AP: I’ve been very sad that so many people have died, lost their businesses, jobs and I’ve had to lay off my own staff due to Covid-19.

AF: You have many businesses including your own public relations firm. What’s been the motivation in creating these solid entities? 

AP: My motivation as an entrepreneur is my family and providing for them the best possible life! Most people are afraid to say that money is their driving force as to not sound materialistic. But when you realize that the money you make is already labeled and it has a purpose, you can say it with all confidence. It’s not about private jets, yachts or the nicest exotic car. My money is designated to make moments, opportunities and experiences for those I love and those who are less fortunate. Giving money a purpose, in turn, gives meaning to my businesses and the work I do. My biggest thrill isn’t more stuff. It’s seeking ways to use resources to create life-changing possibilities for my family and others. When times get hard, I think about my children and the exposure and experiences I want them to have. It is all the motivation I need to keep hustling.

AF: Can you list some highlights of your career? 

AP: My greatest moment in my bodybuilding career was competing in the Mr. Universe Bodybuilding Competition; the chance to get onstage and do it in front of such a gracious and appreciative crowd of fans was unforgettable. Also, writing my first book was definitely a highlight in my career.

AF: What daily routine do you use to keep in shape? 

AP: I stay on a low fat nutritional regimen and workout 4 days a week to remain healthy and fit!

AF: What advice would you give to someone who’s looking to get into the industry? 

AP: My advice to someone looking for bodybuilding success or business success in general is to just be consistent and stay the course, never give up until you accomplish your goals! When it comes to entrepreneurship and business success, get used to being lonely and making a lot of sacrifices, it’s very lonely at the top. However, that doesn’t mean you have to feel depressed about it. Men who are truly successful, love what they’re doing and are always high on life. They don’t need many friends or drugs to feel good.

Your story in a true American dream. There is no wonder that you have a passion to share it through motivational speeches and your book “Unparalleled Success”. We do believe that your persistence is the key to everything. Do you think one can learn to be

persistent in pursuing the goals? Absolutely, the purpose of my book and my motivational speaking engagements is to give back to society and inspire someone to pursue his or her dream like I did! Throughout my journey of becoming successful, I made a lot of mistakes but learned a lot with each set back and I am trying to prevent my followers and readers to avoid these same mistakes I made!

AF: What’s next for you and your career and how can people find you for business opportunities? 

AP: Next for my career is to grow my Public Relations company into a multimillion dollar company and to remain healthy, to have peace of mind, spread a message of love, compassion, and continue to inspire people all over the world to be the best version of themselves!

For more details about Armand, visit his website: or Follow him on social media:

@Lifeperiway + Facebook: ArmandPeriBodyBuilder + Twitter: @ArmandPeri
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