The music industry is coming together with the industry of health and wellness.

To bring awareness to the community to intake natural elements such as fruits and vegetables, music legends such as Styles P and his partner Jadakiss are bringing this positive message to the forefront.

Styles P is an icon in the music industry. Having released 10 solo studio albums and part of the legendary group The LOX, he has successfully transitioned into the health and wellness business arena. In 2011, Styles P along with his partner Jadakiss, opened Juices For Life in the Bronx. It was the first of many locations.

Currently, there are four locations; one in Yonkers, two in The Bronx and another one in Brooklyn.

Not stoping there, Styles P has also launched Farmacy For Life which is a brand of natural herbal remedies, and vitamins. 

Styles P sat down with Industry Rules to discuss a myriad of subjects to include his career and his business initiatives.  

Q: How has your 2020 been under the Covid-19 pandemic?

SP: Pretty much the same as everyone. 2020 under the pandemic has been rough, but we find a way to make it threw. We keep pushing; trying to stay resilient. Adapting to survive is the key. 

Q: With a successful music career, why did you decide to enter the business sector as an owner? 

SP: I entered the business sector as an owner because I’m heavily interested in the benefits of fruits and vegetables. It helps the communities health. As a brown person, a brown king, entrepreneurism is the best way to grow generational wealth. I just wanted to create and give something that me and my partner can pass down to our children, for our families. 

Q: What was the inspiration in creating Farmacy For Life and Juices for Life?

SP: Juices for Life was created because I was a patron from Fruits of Life in Harlem, NY.

It was my partner’s business before we started Juices For Life. He shut that business down, and he decided he wanted to reopen it. He [somewhat] forced me into partnership. They felt I was passionate about the message that I lived by it and that it was something I should do. So, he was like let’s open Juices For Life. Our first store was open in Castle Hill (Bronx) in 2011. This year will be our 10 year anniversary. 

Farmacy For Life came about by my wife basically saying to me, when you start something you should expand, make it bigger, and let’s try to help people more than we are helping them now. 

She felt that beside juices there are other products that people should be knowing about, that can help heal the body. 

Q: What are your favorite juice flavors?

SP: My favorite juice flavors are … depending on the season right now it’s winter, 

-Green apple, lemon, ginger, turmeric mix

-Grapefruit, lemon, orange, ginger mix

-All greens drink with a little lemon and lime

I like to switch it up. 

Q: What are some of the challenges you experienced in creating your companies? How were you able to overcome them?

SP: The challenges we faced as a company are just trying to find broader ways to inform people.

[We want] to let them know it’s a hip thing to stay healthy. It’s actually the smartest and hippest thing you can do. We don’t look at it as a challenge so much, we look at it as it’s our job. So we don’t take it as a challenge, we take it as it’s our job to inform people. When you understand what you’re in it for, it makes it a tab bit easier. It gives you the desire and the passion to keep kicking and stay pushing to say the least. 

Q: Which do you prefer more, being a business owner or an artist?

SP: I think they go hand and hand. I don’t know if I would be a business owner if I wasn’t an artist.

Being an artist teaches you business. I enjoy both the same, they are both part of my DNA. It’s what makes me who I am. I feel the Juices and Farmacy businesses are more important. I feel they affect more people in a more positive and beneficial way, than music does. Music definitely has it’s benefits, but grandmother’s are not going to want to listen to my music, but juicing is for the whole community.  

Q: What advice would you give to an artist who’s looking to transition into the business arena?

SP: To know that you actually already are in the business arena. If you’re an artist you’re already in some sort of business and to not forget that. A lot of artist forget that sometimes and I think that’s a huge mistake. Remember that as an artist, you are a business man.

Q: What’s your next project that fans can get excited for? 

SP: Me and Dave East are working on another “Beloved” album in the first quarter of the next year. 

I’m also working on another solo album probably coming in the second quarter of the year. It’s actually done. I just want to release the “Beloved” album first and then release another solo album. We’re also working on more products, we just dropped a bunch of new products at Farmacy For Life. Also, I’m doing another collaborative project with a health brand called Vibrant Health, which we are very excited about. They’re a huge black-owned company also in the field. We’re excited to be able to extend our reach as a health company and be able to do more innovative and creative things. Specially in the business arena you see a lot of brands collaborating, we are excited to be a health brand that’s doing that. 

Q: Is there any industry that you haven’t been in that you would like to be a part of?

SP: I would love to get in the film industry when I’m done with music. I would say the book and film industry. I actually already written a book. I have a fiction novel called “Invincible” I wrote years ago. I want to get back to that, and I also want to shoot some film for sure. 

You can find all of Farmacy For Life products online at – (Worldwide shipping is available). For more information on Juices For Life visit – 

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