Boxed Water has become the poster child for sustainable water, known for its plant-based packaging and eye-popping branding. It’s attention to detail is such that even now its cap is plant-based, derived from FSC-certified sustainably grown trees that are also used for bioenergy and pulp. Capitalizing on its popularity, Boxed Water is introducing four new flavors that are a mix of the classic and the new; there’s something for everyone. The four flavors are: Lemon, a classic summer favorite with its hint of citrus; Cucumber, influenced by the spa experience of being calming and cooling and refreshing; Blackberry, that features a natural berry sweetness perfect for any occasion; and Grapefruit, which is zingy and flavorful. Boxed Water’s CMO, Robert Koenen, explains, “Our flavor launch comes at an exciting time – when consumers are looking for healthy, tasty, and eco-friendly options to kick off 2021 and support a better planet. Beyond the ‘new normal’ we are working towards a ‘renewed normal,’ that sets a brighter and higher standard.” The range of sizes, from 500 mL to 250 and 330 mL, and 1L, make it a worthwhile experience for everyone, from athletes in dire need of staying hydrated to the casual environmentalist. 

The four flavors are Boxed Water’s ongoing expansion in response to rejuvenating flavors that are nature-based, from the actual water to the packaging. In short, drinking Boxed Water supports the environment, your own health, and validates the value proposition of companies such as Boxed Water, which are advocating environmentally sustainable commerce. The unprecedented growth of the brand is not based only on its looks, but its unique taste and story. As a result of its meticulous eight-step purification process that is also UV treated, every Boxed Water carton delivers fresh water that is crisp. In fact, even without the carbonation, Boxed Water has the clean and refreshing taste of a club soda. 

Its brand recognition continues to grow, gaining acclaim on outlets such as the daytime show, “Ellen,” and trendy press outlet, “Fast Company.” Its One Million Trees campaign is testament to its appeal to environmentally conscious millennials especially. The #BetterPlanet tag showcases Boxed Water having fulfilled its commitment to plant one million trees in national forests in the United States. Sales of the four new flavors will hopefully allow Boxed Water to continue its mission of making conscious consumption more environmentally sustainable. The new goal is thus to plant more than a million trees over five years in partnership with the National Forest Foundation. Boxed Water’s accomplishments in the environmental arena, in addition to its tasty innovations, proves that you can do good business while doing good for the world. 

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