CellDration Water

CellDration Water is the refreshing water you never knew you needed. Formulated at the optimum level with pH balanced, purified, and mineralized water, CellDration ensures you are hydrated and feel your best. While sometimes overlooked, being hydrated is an integral aspect of being healthy given that fluid channels in our body, like our blood, cerebral, lymphatic, and spinal fluids, consist of up to 90% water. This makes water in the body a carrier of biomolecules that can either help or harm us. In addition to the many health benefits, the environmentally-conscious brand uses ethically sourced water that makes the planet a healthy place to live.

Utilizing science and adhering to the spirit of environmentalism, CellDration Water is the next wave of mainstream mineral water. The team behind it has gone through the pains of creating a proprietary 5-step process to re-mineralize clean water. This unique process delivers what your body needs: trace minerals and electrolytes. CellDration’s ingredients are a simple blend of purified water, magnesium sulfate, calcium carbonate, and potassium bicarbonate. The leadership team behind CellDration Water is trustworthy as well, with the Chief Scientific Officer, Glen Rein, being a renowned scientist with a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of London with forty years of academic and research experience at top-tier institutions, including Harvard Medical School, Mt. Sinai Medical School, and Stanford Medical School.

Unlike similarly branded mineral water, CellDration is intentionally sourced locally to avoid the global logistics chain that often produces an outsized carbon footprint. Thus, as part of its overall commitment to protecting the environment, CellDration Water thinks about ways to improve the future now through responsible cycling. In that vein, its aim is to phase out plastic bottles, replacing them with biodegradable carbons made of responsibly grown raw materials, such as paper. CellDration Water in biodegradable packaging makes for less waste for the environment. Rather than being a niche product, CellDration is actually available at numerous well-known retailers, such as ShopRite, Ralphs, Keyfood, Kroger, and Gelson’s. It’s also available in a 12 pack at 1 liter sizing and in a 4 pack at 12 liters at reasonable pricing. At an affordable price point and variety of sizes, CellDration is the choice for anyone who wants to make the right choice for their health and the planet. #CellDrationWater

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