Water, water, water, everywhere.

And I’m not talking about the world’s oceans which cover much of the earth. I’m talking about walking into a store’s refrigerated section to get something to drink and being amazed at how many different brands there are for just a bottle of water.

It really is amazing. And here most of us thought water was just water. Oh, it’s easy to assume bottled water has to be better than tap water from home. But then again, there are those who say that is just marketing. Water is water. Just drink it and they all will do the same thing, quench your thirst and serve the purpose of hydration.

But is that true? Are they all the same? Can one bottled water be better for you than another?

Well, turns out, there is a difference. All water is not the same. Case in point, Essentia.

Essentia, whose mission is to improve people’s lives through hydration, says what makes their bottled water different is their proprietary ionization process. Which to most of us who just want a drink of water, sounds great and high-tech but we have no idea what that means or why that should matter to us.

 According to Essentia, that cool-sounding process removes bitter-tasting acidic ions, producing a clean and smooth tasting 9.5pH or higher alkaline water shown to be more effective at rehydration. So there you go. Still sounds technical, but it also sounds good. Anything that rehydrates better when these high temperatures lately are making a whole lot of people very thirsty and near dehydration.

Another thing we hear and see, as the different prices of water remind us, is that a lot of bottled waters make a big deal about coming from these special springs and exotic sounding places, scooped up, packaged and brought to you on the store shelf. Sounds great, but also sounds like we’re paying for a lot to get it here. Why can’t we just drink from local waters?

Well, that’s one of Essentia’s main points. They are built on the notion that local water sources are plentiful and make the most sense for getting water from the source to your shelf, faster, more simply, and presumably more cheaply than shipping from some mountain spring in some other state.

Essentia says its proprietary process has the ability to transform local water anywhere in the world into smooth, clean-tasting ionized alkaline water. They start with a three-part purification process of micro-filtration, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet light, which results in water that is 99.9% pure. That sure sounds good. And sounds clean. But Essentia doesn’t stop there. This purified water is then infused with a blend of trace amounts of electrolytes and through their ionization process, remove those acidic ions, creating that 9.5pH or higher mentioned before.

Wow. Still think water is just water?

Essentia is also proven to do a better job at rehydration. And while there are sports drinks out there that most of us think about when it comes to rehydrating and adding electrolytes, Essentia has the benefit of not adding sugars. So not only does it rehydrate, it does so without the unnecessary sugars.

 As far as staying hydrated, Essentia conducted the first-ever hydration study of its kind. The clinical trial measured how well a leading bottled water and Essentia Water rehydrated participants after moderate aerobic exercise. The study found that Essentia was more effective at rehydrating than the leading bottled water. The corresponding study was published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN) in December 2016. It is also the only bottled water listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference, commonly recommended by physicians for hydration. So that tells you something.

So the next time you’re standing there in the store looking at all those bottles of water, now you know, water is not just water. And you also now know, Essentia is one you should be reaching for. It’s not just marketing. It’s science.

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