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The Jersey Shore almost inevitably conjures images of the eponymously named reality TV show, complete with fake tans, thick Jersey accents, and lots of fun times by the beach. While it is by the Jersey Shore, DRIFTHOUSE by David Burke is the epitome of class

If you find yourself passing through JFK airport now, your journey just became a lot smoother with the opening of the TWA Hotel, JFK’s only on-airport hotel. The conveniently located hotel boasts 512 soundproof guestrooms and diverse restaurant and retail options.  Building the TWA Hotel was

The Youth Fountain is a premier New Jersey-based cosmetic center with board-certified doctors who are experts in everything from skin care to weight loss to body sculpting. Unlike other medical offices offering cosmetic procedures, The Youth Fountain has board-certified doctors rather than physician assistants. Most

Opinions are a dime a dozen; everyone’s got one. When it comes to the topic of plastic surgery, everyone’s got a dozen opinions about whether it’s good or bad, but in today’s highly visual world, it can be argued that plastic surgery can be important

AeroPress is the coffee press that’s delicious, fast and convenient to make and clean, as well as safe for your body without the harmful chemicals, Phthalate and BPA. The taste is smooth and rich without the acidic, bitter undertone that is common in many coffee

Positivity Alkaline Water is exactly what it names describes - bottled positivity that’s fundamentally good for your body and good for your mind. The StarWalker Industries-owned brand reflects the now widely-recognized adage that you are what you put into your body and Positivity Alkaline Water

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is the urban waterfront getaway you’ve been waiting for. The 195 guest room hotel with 28 suites and 1 riverhouse suite overlooks the East River with stunning, floor-to-ceiling views of the Manhattan skyline for a restful experience. Whether you want to stay

CellDration Water is the refreshing water you never knew you needed. Formulated at the optimum level with pH balanced, purified, and mineralized water, CellDration ensures you are hydrated and feel your best. While sometimes overlooked, being hydrated is an integral aspect of being healthy given