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Chef Wenford Simpon’s Cooking with Love

Chef Wenford P. Simpson

Chef Simpson’s Cooking with Love TV Show

Chef Simpson’s Cooking with Love TV Show is the epitome of fun and learning. For anyone who’s interested in food, cooking, and building relationships while enjoying good food, the show is a must-watch. It’s hosted and has been made famous by Chef Wenford Patrick Simpson, who has a lifetime of expertise in food, ever since he started cooking as a child in St. Ann’s Parish, Jamaica. While shows such as the Rachel Ray Show and Lidia’s Kitchen focus on mainstream American, Italian, and Italian-American fare, Chef Simpson’s upbringing in Jamaica, professional experience in several high-end resorts, the Royal Caribbean Cruise and Disney Cruise lines, and as the Executive Chef at acclaimed Caribbean restaurant, Negril BK, has resulted in a unique food show that highlights the flavor combinations specific to Jamaica specifically and the Caribbean generally.

Currently, as the Chef at B.B. King Blues Club and Grill and the Highland Ballroom in New York City, he also shares his mastery through his show and cookbook of the same name, with more than 160 of his favorite recipes, ranging from Jamaican classics such as jerk chicken and oxtail stew to coconut curry salmon. On his show, Chef Simpson makes it a point to highlight the possibilities of Caribbean spices, Southern cooking, and more mild American flavors. Just as, if not more importantly, Chef Simpson’s shows are fun-loving and spread positivity. That’s apparent in episodes such as when Chef Simpson invited Shani McGraham Shirley and the two use traditional Caribbean ingredients to make Jerk Chicken Fried Rice. That larger-than-life personality is not just for television. His co-workers, peers, and customers all comment on his professional and vibrant demeanor. It’s infectious and adds that “special touch” to his dishes, all of which are as close to home cooking as possible.

Ultimately, Chef Simpson’s Cooking with Love is a testament to how food reflects culture and how people from any culture can bond over food together. The television show is an easily digestible and entertaining way to learn more about how to carry yourself in any kitchen and explore the heat of Jamaican cuisine to the smoky flavors of Southern barbecue. There’s literally something for everything, to stay tuned.

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