Connor Klinedinst

Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Connor is a dynamic, one-of-a-kind creator, scientist, and gifted communicator. Quirky and innovative with a kick-ass personality, Connor is a contemplative yet fiery redhead with passions for modeling, social psychology, and environmental studies.

Connor began her modeling journey somewhat by accident in 2017, and has since discovered it is a fantastic opportunity to express herself and connect with others on issues she is passionate about, such as environmental ethics social psychology, and racial inequality. 

In 2018, Connor graduated from a prestigious liberal arts school where she obtained a B.S in Psychology and a B.A in Environmental Studies. While in college, she traveled internationally to study Shinto in Japan and politics in Myanmar, as well as researched aquaculture in Thailand.

Connor is the girl who screams “wait, don’t do it!” when you’re about to squash a bug, makes friends everywhere she goes, and isn’t afraid to break an awkward silence.

Connor walks through life with intention and believes in the power of manifesting your reality. If she could be wearing an iridescent, holographic rainbow at all times, she would. Wherever the good vibes are, Connor is not far behind. 

Inspired by the recent upheaval of the world, Connor is taking a break from the corporate world and is currently on a spontaneous road trip throughout the western U.S.

Connor is excited to return to pursue modeling as a career with newfound inspiration to create meaningful works of art wherever she goes.

If you have worked with connor, you know she takes great pride in her commitment and contributions to every piece of art she creates, but above all else, Connor takes great pride in being a good friend. Stick around to see what she comes up with next!

Think you can keep up? Reach out to Connor to create @cornlettee on Instagram.

Photo by Marco Maria Mulattieri

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