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Kirsty Beverley Howe

Kirsty Beverley Howe is a British actress and model. She’s from a small village in Somerset, the countryside in the south west of England.  She spends most of her time working London pursuing her model careers.  She can also bee seen in Miami enjoying cool refreshing drink on South Beach.  The talent model sat down with Industry Rules to discuss her career ambitions and goals.

Q: When did you know wanted to be an actress/model?

KBH: I have always known acting was my calling and passion since I was a child and would put on full length plays for my family constantly. At school the only classroom I felt I belonged in and was deadly more serious than the rest was, of course, Drama.  It’s always been a love of mine to embody characters and tell a story. I then fell into modeling at the age of seventeen and I started doing it full time into my twenties. I have loved and learnt so much within the modeling world and being an actress and knowing expression and movement definitely helped. The modeling then helped with becoming more confident and natural in front of cameras. 

Q: Where are some places your wok has taken you?

 I have travelled to France , Spain and the USA for modeling jobs and I am very grateful for that. Especially since I am actually shorter than the industry standard! So I had to put in that extra hustle.

Q: What are some of things you have done to improve on your career?

Since I am actually shorter than the industry standard, I had to put in that extra hustle. I am now starting to really knuckle down again with the acting however, and putting more focus into that whilst still remaining busy within the fashion industry and styling my own creative shoots and projects.  I have already done a certain amount of training for acting, however I am due to be starting drama school in London in 2021 to refresh and work on my craft more. I have also started combat training so I can one day land the roles I aspire to play. 

Q: What’s next for your career?

I am hoping to get signed with a good agency for the acting, that’s my next big goal. Work takes up a lot of my time but outside of that i am very social, I spend a lot of time with my family, I love traveling whether it’s for work or pleasure,  I am a massive sneaker head and a huge horror nerd!” 

You can follow her journey via her instagram @Kristy_Howe.

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