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Dr. Roya J. Hassad

Behind every great woman is a long list of challenges she had to overcome. In front of her is a sublime vision pulling her to eminence; just ask Dr. Roya Hassad. The fabulous doctor is the medical director and founder of the Hope, Life and Dream centers: some of the most successful and notable anti-aging centers in New York. The centers provide services based on 5 pillars, that guarantee excellence and an abiding boost of confidence. Nevertheless, that’s only the skin-deep impact of Dr. Hassad’s brand. Her vision is revolutionary, and every strategic step she takes, brings her closer to her goal: a world with a superior standard of health and wellness. Through scrupulous focus and hard work, Dr. Hassad emerged as one of the most prestigious, anti-aging physicians in the U.S. With continued precision, the great woman is on her way to making her vision a reality. A reality where beauty exceeds skin deep and encompasses a healthy soul, mind, and body. Industry Rules sits with Dr. Hassad and steps into her reality. 

RA: What was the impetus for expanding into anti-aging, beauty and wellness sector of medicine? 

Dr. RH: I was fascinated with the power of preventive medicine and the future of medicine. I learned about preventive medicine and started to specialize in it. Then, I shifted into anti-aging, beauty, and wellness. I became more experienced in those fields. My vision was to maximize the quality in healthcare by helping people feel happier and more confident, by having a healthier, more beautiful body. When I approach beauty and wellness, I don’t only look at beauty. I always go deep and try to maximize my patients’ results, by going to the root of their problems and correcting it. This way they have better results and they’re happier. 

RA: On your website you say you go beyond beauty. What is your definition of beauty and how do you go beyond it? 

Dr. RH: My definition of beauty is confidence and self-acceptance. Going beyond it is not limiting yourself with certain procedures and certain brands. It’s also not limiting your beauty by only taking care of your outer appearance. It’s taking care of your inner beauty by beautifying your mind, beautifying your soul and your body. You are not a frame. 

RA: As a female entrepreneur, what advice would you give to other women who aspire to reach your level of success? 

Dr. RH: To have self-respect and self-love, and to be fearless! Don’t be afraid to take chances and discover who you are. Once you have an amazing connection with your being and learn about yourself, you’re able to identify your dream, follow it and be bold about it. 

RA: What is the most challenging thing about being a woman in medicine?

Dr. RH: You always have to prove yourself. The men are dominating in every field. So as 

a woman, you have to work much harder to stay on top and to level up. At the end of the day, I always take that challenge as an opportunity to have self-growth and to be better in my field. It’s helped me get ahead of a lot of my colleagues because I don’t see it as a challenge. I see it as an opportunity to grow in my field and every aspect of my life. 

RA: Is there a woman in your life or that you know of that’s inspired you to follow this path? 

Dr. RH: My grandma, she was an amazing woman. She was very intelligent, very strong and very loving. She always encouraged me to never give up on my dreams, to be persistent in what I believe and to be confident about it. 

RA: You seem to ooze fabulosity! Is there anything you do consistently that helps you stay fabulous? 

Dr. RH: Yes! I take care of myself. I do meditation and I always take time off to heal my body, to heal my mind, and to empower myself; especially since my work is very intense physically and mentally. I take a lot of educational courses. I am constantly reading and learning. On the weekends, I recap. I have quiet time with myself, and I go through my short-term goals and long term goals, while I’m healing and restoring my energy. Something that has really empowered me is that I don’t let my negative thoughts get to me. I’ve learned how to control it and that’s the key. 

RA: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned as a woman entrepreneur?

Dr. RH: To spread love in every aspect. So that means self-love, love of humanity and love in the world and love of the beauty in the world. I believe in love, and I spread it. 

RA: If you could only use 1 of your cosmetic services for the rest of time, which would you pick? 

Dr. RH: PRP: Platelet rich plasma. The way it works is we draw the blood, and we collect the plasma with the growth factors. They have many functions or roles: they increase the blood flow; they rejuvenate the skin and help diminish fine wrinkles. It gives a great glow to your skin, and it really reverses the aging process. It’s an amazing procedure, it’s very simple, very affordable, and very beneficial. It creates a natural look on your face and body. You can use it on different parts of your body for different reasons. You can use it for hair loss, for lifting the skin or rejuvenating the skin, or for acne and inflammation. 

RA: I love that you call yourself a dreamer. What is your dream of the future for you and your practice? 

Dr. RH: I want to be a healthcare leader. I want to inspire and empower my colleagues to break through challenges and come out of them better and stronger. I want to empower them to create the foundation for amazing health for the community and society. I believe in them and if I could empower those medical providers, I think they’ll have a better chance of taking care of everyone. One of my dreams is to have quality healthcare available for everyone, not only in the U.S, but all around the world. I also want to make sure that people don’t think they have to get sick to go to the doctor. I want people to be proactive about their health. We can teach these people about preventive medicine, and how they can prevent disease and improve their quality of health with lifestyle modifications. I do believe we need to focus on mental health a lot more. All doctors should have more knowledge of mental health, and they should encourage their patients to take care of their mental health because it’s just as important as their physical health. I have a dream of eliminating addiction and I am actively working with a lot of mental health providers to help the population suffering with addiction. 

RA: What keeps you going?

Dr. RH: Expanding my vision. The goal of my brand is to find the crises in our society and to resolve it. A lot of people when they get old, they feel forgotten. They don’t get the love and the support from society, the community, or their family. I am trained in geriatric medicine, and one part of my business is creating a facility for the elderly, so they can live the rest of their life in a very loving and safe environment that is not a nursing home. I created one in California called Villas by Dr. Roya and I want to expand that. I want them to experience amazing health. I want them to have support and customized care in a safe environment with a skilled staff. My vision isn’t limited to providing Botox and fillers. My vision is creating amazing health and quality of life and to establish a higher standard for health and wellness.

You can follow Dr. Hassad on Instagram @RoyaHassad.

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