Suja means a long, beautiful life. The name was acquired by a cold-pressed beverage brand, Suja Juice. The drink makers are constantly creating an innovative blend of plants and nutrients. What separates this drink from most others is the process it has undergone before being bottled up and retailed into a customer’s hands. High-Pressure Processing (HPP) helps get rid of potentially harmful bacteria while still maintaining a fresh and desirable taste, along with healthy nutrients. 

Suja’s beverage selling story began in 2012 after she pursued her dream of helping people maintain a nutritious eating lifestyle. Responding to a lack of clean, nutritious, and convenient beverages available, Suja’s founders crafted a line of organic cold-pressed juices as a convenient way to live a plant-powered lifestyle. Suja Juice is now the leading organic and cold-pressed juice brand in the country. 

What started as delivering cold-pressed juice on a skateboard around San Diego, has grown to a range of widely and nationally available, high quality, organic and functional beverages, including their slow-brewed kombucha and functional shots. The Suja brand is constantly developing new flavors and combinations. In just a few short years, over 200 flavors have been created. 

The plant-powered beverages are organic, never GMO, and free of preservatives, fillers, and chemicals. How? Through the large-scale use of local, organic fruits and vegetables, and the implementation of a breakthrough displacement of High-Pressure Processing technology. 

Cold Pressure or High-Pressure Processing is a method that helps preserve packaged food items using extraordinarily high pressure as opposed to high heat. Hydraulic fluid, commonly water, is placed in a chamber and pressurized with a pump. The pressure then makes its way into the packaging of the items, extending the life of the product without using preservatives. The process also helps maintain the nutrients in organic cold-pressed juices and functional beverages. 

The products include cold-pressed juices in green juice, fruit-forward, lemonade, and energy juice flavored. The “functional” selections feature functional shots, kombucha, probiotics, and elevated nutrients. Low sugar options are available. Some of the health benefits the drinks can bring include an energy booster, detox, hydration, and immunity.

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