There’s not an abundance of people in this world who can say they are living out their dream, and there’s an even smaller percentage of people who take life circumstances and turn one dream into a stream of opportunities. Men like Erik Coleman are rare indeed. NO, like literally! As a former NFL player, drafted in the 5th round of the 2004 NFL draft, he is part of an elite 1%. That type of dream isn’t one that comes true often, and it’s not one that plays out for long. Nevertheless, the former Jet’s safety made a spectacular career out of his dream, and continues to do so years after leaving the NFL. When he retired his helmet, his work ethic did not retire with it. And although he did have to start from scratch in some regard, he seemed to flow seamlessly into the roles he plays now. It is said that it’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting. Well Erik Coleman’s life must be absolutely delectable. 

Industry Rules sits down with the family man and discusses the new world that opened for him and the possibilities that came with it. 

RA: You have been out of the league now for almost 10 years. What was the hardest part of transitioning from pro athlete into the roles you’re in now?

EC: The most difficult part of transitioning from Pro athlete to civilian is that you are going from literally being one of the best in the world at what you do, to intern. It is hard to come to terms with the fact that you spent your whole life training to become a football player and now you have to start over without knowing where to start.

RA: What’s been the best part about being “retired”?

EC: Haha. I guess you can say I’m retired. I now work as a full-time broadcaster, hosting The Betting Exchange and Odds with Ends for MSG Networks as well as game day programming for the NY Jets, work as an insurance producer, I work in warehousing as well as being a part owner of Princeton Detox & Recovery. But in regards to football, the best part of not playing is that I don’t have to worry about breaking bones anymore!

RA: Talk to us about your philanthropic endeavors and What it means to you to give back?

EC: Giving back is one of the things at the top of my list. I come from humble beginnings and people giving back to my community is how I made it out. I love working with kids and raising awareness for causes I believe in.

RA: In 2004, your life changed forever when you were picked to be a New York Jet. Have you had a momentous event like that again that was also life changing?

EC: It is hard to compare being drafted to play football in the NFL to anything in life, but I have had my fair share of amazing moments. Marrying my wife Sabrina was a decision that has changed my life forever. Having our 3 children and being a father is another accomplishment I take great pride in.

RA: You seem like a big family guy. How has being a husband and father changed for you as you and your career evolved?

EC: When my wife and I had our first child, it changed my perspective on the world. I was no longer someone playing a game. I turned into a provider and life source to a child who didn’t ask to be brought into the world. I take tremendous pride in providing for my family and I have to thank my upbringing for instilling that drive in me.

RA: Nearly a decade later and it looks like you are still in amazing shape! How do you maintain your pro athlete physique?

EC: Staying in shape is a major commitment. It is easy to not work out and blame it on work obligations. I choose to build on the platform I was blessed with as a pro athlete. I also found that the better shape I am in, the less my body hurts from the injuries I accumulated as a football player.

RA: What do you hope to accomplish in another 10 years?

EC: I hope to once again reach the pinnacle of my profession. 

You can follow Erick Coleman on Instagram @ErikColeman.

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