In the world of fitness massive muscles are guaranteed and it’s even expected to come with egos to match. Consequently, it’s such a delight to meet a fitness guru whose passion is so pure and childlike, it instantly brings you joy and makes you ponder if there’s a chance you could actually stick to a clean diet for once. Jessie Pires’ passion for weightlifting and all things fitness is infectious. It is obvious he’s obsessed with what he does. His zeal is evident, not only by way of his impeccable physique, but also in the attention and care he exudes when helping others. He’s always eager to be of service, and one of the many ways he gives back is through fitness. Reaching “body goals” is only the genesis of the biblical transformation that awaits, once Jessie steps in to help mold your body into its best shape. From Jessie Fit Meals to Personal Training Brothers, the physique coach can gift you the tools needed to acquire a better mind, body and soul. Industry Rules sits with the genial Hulk as he gushes over his everlasting love for improvement. 

RA: How did you get started in the fitness world? 

JP: I did martial arts for several years. I was really into Karate and Bruce Lee was one of my idols. I loved being active; I would play soccer and was a sprinter. I was always into staying fit, it was one of my things. As a kid my older brother was a body builder and I use to go to all the body building shows. I use to help him out with the Pro tans and help with his posing routine. Since I was 10 I was in that world. I always had a good eye for body building and for being fit. When I turned 16, I started working out with weights and researching more about the right nutrition. I always envisioned my body to be how it is now. I never drank and never even took a sip of alcohol in my life because I always wanted to be in the sickest shape, and I believed working out was the key to it. I believed working out was the key to success. Getting in shape took a lot of hard work and discipline which I also implement into my businesses. 

RA: You’re the owner of Jessie Fit Meals which provides meal prepping for individuals who need it. How does your service work? 

JP: I get a lot of athletes, and a lot of people that compete and want to get in shape. My food is designed specifically for their body type and what they would need to achieve their goal. I match the right amount of carbs and proteins to their needs. I actually get a high out of life when I transform someone’s body around. To actually see a person transform their physique is so satisfying. When you can transform your body, you start having a more positive image of yourself. I believe you become more successful in everything that you do. You become more successful in business, relationships, parenthood, etc. When you look at yourself and you’re really happy with what you see, who you are and what you’re doing; you become a better person. 

RA: Diet is so important when it comes to fitness and achieving your body goals. Is there a specific diet you prefer when you are training? 

JP: Diet is absolutely important. I actually believe that it’s the fountain of youth. Every year as I get older I keep looking better. Diet is everything, the right diet will get you to look awesome and feel great. You’re going to be on top of the world and have more energy to achieve success in every area of your life. I’ve been on the same diet since I was 17 years old. I eat 7 meals a day: a protein, a carb and a vegetable with every meal. I eat every 2 hours, and don’t put any salt in any of my food. I use all organic spices and I make the food taste amazing. I eat a lot of fish, cod, tuna steaks and it’s remained pretty consistent throughout my life. 

RA: You personal train, you meal prep, you motivate. What could someone who wants Personal Training Brothers to help them through their fitness journey expect when he/she signs up with one of your trainers? 

JP: They can expect to change their whole life in a positive way. Not only are they going to look and feel better, they’re mind is going to be right. They’re going to be more successful everything they do in their life. They’re going to be unstoppable. When I see people that are having a hard time getting in shape, I go out of my way to help them and give them then right tools to reach their goals. This gives them the confidence to know they’re in control and can get in shape. 

RA: I talk to so many people and women in particular who want to start working out but are afraid to go to the gym and “look stupid” what advice would you give to these apprehensive people? 

JP: I would tell them to stop worrying about what anybody else thinks; to just focus on how they’re improving their mind, body and soul. I would say to just go and do it, do it for yourself! You owe it to yourself! We all have have one life to live and the most important thing in life is being comfortable in your own skin. That is true success to me. 

RA: It’s very apparent that you have a great passion for fitness and working out. What’s your favorite thing about working out? 

JP: If I have anything going on in my life that’s stressful I take it all out on the weights. After I workout I love everybody, it makes me even nicer to people. The weights are my church, my church is really when I workout. It makes me a better person. 

RA: If you could only do one exercise for the rest of your life, which would you pick and why? 

JP: I would keep learning, that’s all. Once you stop learning, you stop living. 

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