Marija Macesic

Marija Macesic

It’s pitch black outside, and while most of us are sleeping, Marija Macesic is out changing the world, one life at a time.

The former medical worker and licensed nutritionist is a beauty and fitness competitor – currently vying for a pro card which certifies her as a professional athlete. And while winning a title is important to Macesic, she spends majority of her time coaching others to lead a healthy, active, and body positive lifestyle.

“Monday through Friday I wake up at 5:15 and train my first client” she says. But the early bird who currently works full-time as a project manager for an IT company, isn’t fazed by the sunrise sessions.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than what I do now… working with people!”

So much so, she helped a mother of two who was overweight by 120 pounds shed the fat, gain muscle, save her marriage, and win a pro card.

“She’s one of my pride and joys,” gushes Macesic. “It is very rewarding to take someone on who wants to transform their life entirely and puts their heart and soul into it. Trusts you and talks to you everyday. You become family after a few months.”

Nutrition was always an integral part of the fitness coach’s life, but the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle didn’t really hit home until she lost one of her own.

“When my step-mother passed away of cancer from being a chronic smoker… that was a shocker,” admits the Serbian native. “I was really close to her growing up, she died really young… in her early 50s.”

At that time, Macesic began to take note of the heavy smokers in the medical profession and their poor eating habits. “I got my nutritionist license and said it was time to make changes and start impacting people’s lives for the better.”

Customizing her workout plans to cater to each client’s needs, Macesic devises a program that is split between a healthy dietary plan and one-on-one training sessions. Never losing sight of her personal goals, the World Beauty Fashion and Fitness competitor trains twice a week and rarely eats out – sticking to a strict daily regimen.

Marija Macesic is a busy bee, but you can catch the beauty competitor looking like a toned Victoria’s Secret model this summer as she vies for her pro card in New York at the WBFF NYC Fitness and Fashion Weekend.

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