Lifeable is a family run and Brooklyn-based business that creates delicious and innovative vitamin gummies for adults and children. The family behind Lifeable partnered with a doctor, a team of testers, and a chef to pair taste with nutrition to create the wide range of products currently available. In fact, the family has traveled the world to find only the highest quality ingredients that are not only safe for human consumption, but also as beneficial as possible. The journey from idea to thriving business is the result of their lifelong passion for health and taking care of yourself while living life to the fullest. 

Lifeable gummy vitamins are an ideal supplement to a healthy diet, providing additional vitamins and minerals that may help boost immunity or improve overall health and wellness. Not only are Lifeable vitamins natural and non-GMO, but they’re also free of peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, and gelatin for people with allergies. 

With a diverse assortment of vitamin and mineral supplements, there’s a Lifeable gummy for everyone. Two recent innovations include Garlic Gummies and the Lifeable Spirulina + Vitamin C gummies. Contrary to its rather striking name, the former does not smell like garlic or leave its distinctive aftertaste, but it does have all the antioxidants of garlic, along with its other health benefits: supporting immune function, boosting joint and cardiovascular health, and lowering blood pressure. The latter, the scientific sounding Lifeable Spirulina + Vitamin C gummies, alludes to blue-green algae that is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and this gummy has a tasty mint flavor. In addition to both gummies’ nutrient-packed and pleasant taste profiles, they’re both very affordable at less than $20 for each. 

Lifeable offers a wide variety of vitamins for both kids and adults. The bursts of flavor and nutrition are perfect for any human’s body, but perhaps especially for still growing bodies. Lifeable is there to fulfill that need, at a competitive price point and with only the best ingredients on the market.

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