There’s a new player in luxury spirits based in peaceful Connecticut: Summit Vodka. As the name suggests, it’s not only a vodka, but is symbolic of the summit or apex of careful artistry and environmental stewardship. With the care and attention put into creating every batch of Summit Vodka, you’ll be able to enjoy its smooth taste while knowing you’re helping our planet become more sustainable as well.

In fact, Summit Vodka’s craftsmanship begins with its ingredients. The team behind Summit Vodka chooses only the highest quality, local corn that’s distilled six times to create the flawless taste of this fine spirit. In the name of its ethos, “peak of perfection,” Summit Vodka is also gluten-free, as a pledge to its customers that it’s always looking to do right by them, so they don’t have to feel guilty about every sip. Instead, Summit Vodka’s commitment to only the best ingredients and attention to health-conscious customers helps customers enjoy life’s greatest moments even more.

Just as ingredients are important to Summit Vodka’s premium taste, so is its location: Connecticut. The state’s green and lush landscapes is the perfect backdrop for the vodka, with its superior drinking water also essential to each bottle’s clear drinking water and smoothness. The same beautiful conditions that help to make Summit Vodka contribute to the team’s motivation to keep it that way, so everyone can enjoy the environmental splendor of Connecticut.

As a result, Summit Vodka goes to extremes to integrate sustainability into its production with a “Grain to Glass” philosophy. At its core is a commitment to, and track record of reducing the company’s carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendliness in the sometimes traditional spirits industry. The Summit Vodka team is pleased to be pioneers in this respect, by sourcing high-quality, local corn to utilizing only renewable energy sources. In addition, Summit Vodka’s production process reduces waste through recycling and composting, as well as carbon offsetting and sustainable packaging showcases.

While Summit Vodka is a luxurious spirit, it’s also the physical manifestation of craftsmanship and ecological stewardship. Supporting Summit Vodka is also supporting sustainability in the fine spirit space, which the team is passionate about growing with its own commitment to every bottle being the peak of perfection.

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