OTACA Tequila

OTACA Tequila epitomizes the very best of tequila with its Spring 2021 launch throughout Southern California. That should come as no surprise since its founders, husband-and-wife duo, Anthony and Nicole Accetta, have dedicated years to researching, tasting, and getting down to a science—what would make their luxurious tequila smooth and clean-tasting with the agave plant’s natural flavor and taste able to shine through. The up-and-coming agave spirits company has truly made an elite tequila that fulfills their original mission of creating tequila that translates to, “Once Tried, Always Craved Agave.”

While OTACA Tequila has a hard-to-find taste that’s due to meticulous behind-the-scenes work, it’s fairly easy to find. It’s debuting in Southern California, the turf of the Accetta couple, based in Dana Point, Orange County. Available at 600 locations that include Hi-Time Wine Cellars and Old Town Liquor, the founders are confident that it will be a hit at Mexican restaurants including Sol Agave, Red-O, and Javiers. OTACA Tequila’s distribution at reputable dining establishments and liquor retailers is testament to the growing market for high-quality tequila for the fine-tuned palette. Co-founder, Anthony Accetta, who’s not only a tequila expert and entrepreneur, but real estate developer as well, explained that, “After years of research, we crafted OTACA with our master distiller to excite and enchant those with discerning palates.” The increasing national trend towards understanding where food is coming from and thus making informed purchasing decisions, seems to be moving into the spirits industry as well. Drinkers want fine tequila that’s expertly crafted and as natural as possible.

Unlike less refined tequila that tastes comparable to moonshine, OTACA Tequila goes down smooth and reminds you that tequila is actually made from a plant—agave. It’s 100% made from Blue Weber agave piñas (Spanish for pineapples) grown with care on the lowlands of Tequila, a town in Mexico that is the gateway to its famed blue agave region, the Jaliscan Lowlands. Each agave piña is hand-selected at the perfect harvesting time to optimize its flavor profile. On a specialized, boutique estate, the OTACA team then begins the process of fermenting the agave, distilling it twice, and then filtering it twice through a proprietary chilling process. That distillation process is key to OTACA’s unique taste.

The Accettas decision to have the Plata be OTACA’s very first release showcases their signature smooth agave with subtle hints of citrus, vanilla, and warm earth. With a complex flavor profile, it’s a legendary start to a tequila brand that’s already working on new additions to its portfolio. Up next are Reposado, a tequila that’s aged for about six months, and Añejo, which will be aged for about two years. That aging process adds a Cognac-like maturity to the tequilas, giving OTACA an edge that makes them stand out as the leading tequila for people interested in premium spirits.

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