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Red Tie & Stilettos 2019

The third annual Red Tie and Stilettos (RTS) conference kicked off at the Moon Palace resort in the heart of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The overall conference theme is to bring professionals from various parts of the world together for networking and sharing industry tips that will help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their respective businesses. Jodianne Murdock (Zedoj Luxuria) is the founder of RTS and it’s her vision to create a conference/workshop to help her community both local and abroad.

Day One

The event started with an all white beach party near the Moon Palace resort. Mrs. Murdock welcomed the crowd to the conference with an indepth introduction speech on the importance of RTS. Specially, she stated how the conference was put in motion to be an asset to the community. She greeted everyone at the party individually and gave a quick private conversation with each guest.

The music set the tone for a vibrant night. The DJ played classic hip hop and R&B music from artist such as Notorious BIG, SWV, Black Street, Groove Theory, Chris Brown, Beyoncé and more. He also mixed some of dancehall’s popular artist like Buju Banton and Beenie Man to name a few.

The beach party also showcased a fashion show. The stage made way for Jamaica’s most beautifulest female models. They graced the catwalk with elegance while showcasing a variety of swimsuits, beach wear and accessories. The crowd cheered as each model strutted on stage.

The party ended with a barn fire that officially began the 2019 Red Tie & Stilettos conference in style.

Day Two Part A

The second day of the Red Tie & Stilettos conference started with a brunch that was hosted by media mogul Debbie Bissoon. She welcomed the audience and made a great introduction to actress, entrepreneur and producer Vivica A. Fox. Dressed in chic green floral pattern jump suite, the boss lady greeted the crowd with a loud “Hey” and stated that she’s been to Jamaica so many times that she should be considered Jamerican. The audience burst into laughter. Both Vivica and Debbie spent the next half hour with a sit-down Q&A where Ms. Fox gave some insightful information regarding leadership, the film industry and the importance of being transparent.

The brunch concluded with Ms. Fox signing her new book “Everyday I’m Hustling” for each guest. The book details her life, career and several helpful tips that will rev up the entrepreneurial spirit.

Day Two Part B

Saturday night’s event theme was red tie and stilettos. Both men and women professionals gather together under a huge tent where they were given beverages and Hors d’oeuvres . The gentlemen wore their best suit and tie combination while the ladies wore their red high heels. Debbie Bissoon was the host of the event. She greeted the crowd and explained the theme of the Red Tie & Stilettos. After her introduction, she called several business professionals to the stage for a Q&A session. The professionals represented several industries including financial, beauty, fashion, music, film and entertainment. They answered questions on marketing, branding, leadership tips and techniques needed to be successful in business.

Krystal Tomlinson, author of “Kill Fear Now”, gave a lecture on fear as it relates to business. She stress the importance of overcoming fear and seizing the moment of being a business owner and not letting fear overcome your goals and initiatives.

The main attraction of the conference was Vivica A. Fox. She once again wowed the crowed with her down-to-earth personality. She and Debbie sat down for a Q&A where she talked about her career and business entrepreneurship. “I remember when I started my wig business. There was blog that wrote a negative article about it…but now I just extended my contract for another 4 years,” she said. “You just have to turn your haters into your congratulators,” she added. Ms. Fox also took questions from the audience.

The night ended with a 50,000 (Jamaica currency) check that was awarded to a local entrepreneur who won a sweepstakes contest.

Day Three

The last day of the conference concluded with several lectures and tips from various professionals. Title “Coffee & CEO”, Jeanel Alvarado kicked off the event by giving key knowledge on how to be viable on the internet and social media. Naomi Garrick also addressed the audience with her life experience in hospitality, marketing, PR and being a life coach. Jodianne Murdock followed up both speakers with thanking all participants of the conference.

The Red Tie & Stilettos conference was a huge success and we would like to thank Jodianne and her entire staff for the warmth hospitality and patterning with Industry Rules for this epic event.

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