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Dr. Cheyenne Bryant

I remember a story one of my professors told me about the first time she tried on glasses. For so long in her life, she walked around oblivious of her lack of vision. All she ever knew were obscure, dull figures, until the day she got her first pair of prescription glasses. This day changed her life, she was amazed by how those same dull figures transformed into a crisp, luminous reality. This I would imagine is what it’s like to have Dr. Cheyenne Bryant as a life coach. She’s like those fresh new pair of glasses: She opens your eyes and shifts your perspective, helping you transform your reality.

The psychology expert started out as a MFT and transitioned into life coaching. As a life coach, Dr. Bryant uses a therapy style approach and different conventional techniques such as CBT, (cognitive behavioral therapy), to help her clients. She’s able to not only focus on mental health but the person as a whole. Therapy, Dr. Bryant explains, is more about treating symptoms, while coaching uses a more hands on approach to help individuals understand who they are, what they want out of life and how to reach those goals. She’s direct, solution focused and powerfully spiritual. She uses the word to help her clients get into contact with their creator, and in turn connect more deeply with who they are. Dr. Bryant describes the Bible as “laws that are teaching you how to think so that you can live a life of heaven on earth.” She is helping her clients renew their mind, in order to experience heaven on earth as they are meant to experience it. She is a philosopher of sorts; as she breaks down the human consciousness and what it means to heal and be healed, your heart flutters and you can feel your mind tingling from expansion.

“Hurt people hurt people. Healed People heal people.” Dr. Bryant sermonizes, as she reflects back on why she decided to go into the field of psychology. While doing her masters at the University of Phoenix, she grew cognizant of her unhealthy patterns of behaviors, especially in her romantic relationships, and realized that she herself had to heal from her abandonment issues. She had to heal her PTSD from the traumatic experiences of her childhood and was compelled to peel away the layers of dysfunction she inhabited for so long. Going through her own healing journey allowed Dr. Bryant to come into alignment and receive “God’s understanding” as she puts it. Her alignment has led her to a beautiful career of healing an allowing.

Her alignment has not only allowed her to be a notable life coach, but an author, businesswoman and philanthropist. She is a creator of superb products that advance her mission of expanding people’s lives on a global scale. Her Reader’s Favorite 5 star Book, “Mental Detox” is a prime example of the shift in perception Dr. Bryant provides. She gushes that she didn’t have any expectations when writing “Mental Detox” and that its success was a “beautiful gift from the universe”.

Her desire was to be of service and she hoped readers would receive whatever God intended to be received. Once she allowed God to use her as a vessel, the words flowed beautifully and her classic book came to fruition. Her editor sent it back to her in just two weeks on the exact date of her birthday. It was an act of alignment blessed with divine timing. The book is filled with soul food for the mind and straight facts! Dr. Bryant compares life to a garden and warns that an unattended garden leads to weeds and rodents. She notes that you must plow and plant your garden daily because you bring about what you think about.

Dr. Bryant also offers classes through the Dr. Bryant Institute, in which personal and professional development is guaranteed. But if you want a spot you must hurry because they fill up fast. “Be your Own Boss and Make 6 Figures Doing it” is already sold out and isn’t due to come back until between Janurary and March of next year!

With great power comes a great responsibility to give back, Dr. Bryant has embraced her duty with her nonprofit, Advancing Communities, which provides a plethora of resources to underprivileged families and communities.

There are many qualities that make a great coach. An efficient life coach needs to be impartial, astute and skilled in checking his or her countertransferences. Most importantly he/she has to be willing to go to a therapist and go through his/her own healing journey. As amazing and accomplished Dr. Bryant is, she is still working on things within herself. She admits that she wants to get out of the habit of attracting similar types of partners, who she knows aren’t what she really wants. Her desire is to adapt to a new normal, which at first, she explains is not always going to feel good; because usually it’s what is familiar that feels good. Nevertheless, allowing yourself to choose what is actually safe and in turn healthy and not just safe in terms of familiar are steps to growing, which she herself even has to take.

Life comes at you fast! I don’t know about you but my parents did not prepare me enough for this chaotic world they call adulting. It’s a scary world out there, especially when your vision’s blurred and you can’t decipher what’s happening around you. It’s fortunate to have a Dr. Bryant to help you navigate through the “chaos” and even just normalize what you are feeling. As she so beautifully said “A miracle is a shift in perception.” It’s as simple as a fresh look at your life, then the chaos miraculously doesn’t resemble chaos any longer. Dr. Bryant empowers by showing that you are in control. So before a new decade strolls in, let’s start to plant our garden!

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