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Smoothsail Sparkling Sake

Smoothsail is the world’s first premium canned sake. Using premium grade sake, ultra-filtered carbonated water, natural flavors and a uniquely delicious stevia extract blend, the product has a smooth finish that prevents you from having a rough morning after a night of fun. Smoothsail is the epitome of a “millennial” drink – it’s the drink that’s a lifestyle as much as a beverage with its focus on health and quality. Free of gluten, tannins, sulfites and without an overwhelming alcoholic taste, the product feels as guilt-free as seltzer water.

While it’s eye-catching, bright, and pastel cans immediately catch the eye, Smoothsail’s taste is immediately recognizable as well. In fact, Smoothsail started while international artist, Jay Sean, was on tour in Asia and fell in love with Japan’s signature drink: Sake. Sake is traditionally made of rice, water, and koji, which is a mold used to break down the starch in rice, so that the brewing process can begin. 

Once hooked on the drink, Jay Sean and his friends wanted to take the drink to the next level creating a product that was healthier, tastier and smoother than the other sakes and seltzers on the market. 

After much trial and error, Jay and his team perfected the process that resulted in Smoothsail. Currently Smoothsail is produced in two flavors, Peach and Berry, and produced with 7% ABV to give you that perfect buzz without feeling bloated. 

Available for shipping to your door nationwide on sipsmooth.com.

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