Crisp, refreshing, and natural. Spindrift is taking a healthy spin on soda. Sans syrups, concentrates, and other artificial sweeteners, the Massachusetts-based company is enticing soda-lovers with their triple-filtered sparkling water and fruit pulp blends.

Starting as a means to an end, founder Bill Creelman was looking for a just as tasty substitute to end his Diet Coke addiction. Thinking back to his life growing up on a farm, Creelman sought after real and unprocessed ingredients. He began to triple filter sparkling water before adding fresh squeezed juice to pack some flavor. In 2010, the former commercial fishing-boat captain launched the healthy beverage company Spindrift – named after the whitewash of a breaking wave.

Now known as America’s first soda made with fresh squeezed ingredients, Spindrift offers two thirst-quenching options. Served in a 12-ounce can, Spindrift Seltzers are made of triple-filtered sparkling water and fresh fruit juice. Seltzers are currently available in six options: Grapefruit, Cucumber, Lemon, Raspberry & Lime, Blackberry & Watermelon.

Spindrift Sodas, offered in a 12-ounce glass bottle, are a sweeter upgrade to the seltzers – combining more fresh fruit juice and a dash of cane sugar. The fresh take on soda is offered in seven different choices: Blackberry, Cranberry Raspberry, Orange Mango, Grapefruit, Lemonade, Half & Half (Tea & Lemon) & Ginger Beer.

In speaking to BevNET, Creelman discussed his decision to create beverages with flavors outside of the standard citrus options.

“We started out with citrus-based sodas – lemons, oranges, grapefruits – but as we started to look at ingredients like freshly-squeezed ginger and cucumber, we discovered there was really no established supply chain and no authorities on the subject,” Creelman said. “We realized we were going to have to pursue the use of these ingredients ourselves.”

Spindrift is now available in major retailers like Trader Joe’s, Target, and Whole Foods, containing only 15 calories a can.

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