AeroPress is the one-of-a-kind coffee press that has inspired coffee lovers around the world to revolutionize their coffee routines in the best way possible. Founded in 1984 as Aerobie, Inc. by Stanford University inventor and retired engineer instructor, Alan Adler, AeroPress now offers its signature AeroPress Original, AeroPress Go, AeroPress Clear, and AeroPress XL. The persistent and global popularity of AeroPress’ various offerings is testament to Adler’s passion for allowing coffee lovers to brew superior coffee at home, for a fraction of the price that they would pay at cafes. 

As the name suggests, the AeroPress Original, is the brand’s hallmark, patented 3-1-in brewing device. Unlike other presses, the AeroPress Original includes filtration that ensures full-bodied and delicious coffee without grit and bitterness, as well as minimal acidity. The device’s trademark plunge system scientifically uses air pressure to push water through the grinds in such a way that only the freshest coffee flavors come alive. That guarantee is not limited to only cold brews or lattes, but any way you would like your coffee — whether an espresso, pour-over, or Americano. 

AeroPress also offers the Clear AeroPress Coffee Maker, with all the technology of the Original, but with shatterproof and crystal clear TritanTM. Like the brand’s other products, all made in the USA, it’s just as compact and convenient despite being durable TritanTM. For the style-conscious, the Clear AeroPress Coffee Maker is eye-grabbing, too. The AeroPress Coffee Maker – XL is fundamentally the same as the Clear version, except with double capacity with a 20 oz carafe. The XL version is especially perfect for hardcore coffee drinkers who strongly believe there’s no such thing as, “too much coffee.” 

For people with busy lifestyles, the AeroPress Coffee Maker – Go is the travel sized version of the original. Designed in the hi-tech hub of Silicon Valley, the AeroPress Coffee Maker – Go includes a microwavable mug and lid that can serve as a traveling case. It’s easy and fast to clean and pack up, so whether you’re busy with work and life in general, or frequently camp, travel, and boat, the Go version should be your coffee press of choice. 

Regardless of your lifestyle, AeroPress offers the best in at-home coffee brewing. It’s the epitome of quality that can be tasted with every sip — and in over fifty countries worldwide. Find out what all the hype is about today. 

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