Viktoria Myr

If you been to Miami recently, then you probably seen model, fashion blogger and stylist Viktoria Myr taking fashionable photos throughout the city.  The fashion influencer is continuing to help others with her style coaching. Every photo that she post on her social media channels shows her devotion to fashion while giving her audience an innovative “Look Book”. With over 1,500 post, the beautiful swan has given creative ideas on how to look chic while visiting or living in the beautiful city of Miami.

The fashion model sat down with Industry Rules to discuss her career while giving some fashion tips for the summer.

AF: How did you get into the fashion industry?

VM: I got into the fashion industry by accident. From an early childhood, I was fond of writing articles on various topics. When I grew up, I decided that I wanted to write about fashion and shared my style secrets and knowledge with people in general. It was from this time that I began to delve into the study of fashion, reading various books, watching films and watching various people and brands. Since 2013, I began working with brands and writing fashion articles for them, and in 2015 I founded my personal blog, which I aimed at developing young designers.

At the moment, I work as a fashion stylist, blogger and continue to share my knowledge of fashion and style with people through my Instagram page and YouTube channel.

AF: What inspired you to start being a fashion coach?

VM: I am very inspired by people. Every time I look at a new person, I see that he or she doesn’t have enough. That, it would be fashionable to change his or her image and style in general to make him or her even more interesting and beautiful.

AF: How do you put a wardrobe together?

VM: It is very simple. The most important thing is to give myself an honest answer to several questions: how do I want people to perceive me, what kind of lifestyle will I introduce, why do I need things and what kind of things fit my figure and my type. If you, yourself, find it difficult to answer these questions, then I am happy to help you and advise you.

AF: Can you give 5 fashion tips to our audience?

VM: Sure…

1. Simplicity is the sister of talent.

2. Comfortable and loose things are the trend of this decade.

3. Do not forget about accessories – the success or failure of the whole image may depend on them.

4. Do not buy things that you just like until you have a complete base and capsule wardrobe.

5. Invest in jewelry and bags, especially in Hermes , Chanel they only increasing they prices every year .

AF: What’s next for your career?

VM: I don’t like to reveal all the cards for earlier, so I suggest that you follow my social media accounts for timely updates.

For more on Viktoria Myr, follow her on instagram under @Viktoria_Myr.

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