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AreoPress Coffee Maker

AeroPress is the coffee press that’s delicious, fast and convenient to make and clean, as well as safe for your body without the harmful chemicals, Phthalate and BPA. The taste is smooth and rich without the acidic, bitter undertone that is common in many coffee press-made beverages, like Americanos, espressos, and cold brew coffees. Perfect for beverages that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home, or on-the-go while traveling and camping.

Notably, the coffee press conceived by inventor Alan Adler cranks out about 1-3 cups of coffee in a minute with a microfilter that results in no grit in your actual cup. For the price of the AeroPress, 350 microfilters are included, as well. In comparison, most other coffee presses take around 4-5 minutes to brew beverages that have the tendency to be bitter because it is over extracted. Other disadvantages of popular coffee brewers such as pod brewers is their lack of environmental friendliness compared to AeroPress. For instance, a pod brewer produces excessive landfill waste due to the plastic pods used to contain coffee grounds, with each pod having a high per unit cost. AeroPress disposes of the plastic waste associated with pods and gives you control over brewing time and subsequent taste.

While many individuals who choose to buy a coffee press to use at home and while traveling are concerned about cost, they are usually concerned equally about taste. The smooth taste is 1/9 the acidity of a French press and 1⁄5 the acidity of drip coffee. Perhaps one of the best signs of the quality of AeroPress coffee is the range of indie coffee shops serving it. The coffee speciality retailer based in Milwaukee, for example, uses AeroPress in all its branches. So does Savaya Coffee, an Arizona retailer specializing in organic and fresh experiences online, in-store, and through subscription. Many independent shops also proudly offer AeroPress coffee because of its sheer versatility in making drinks and low cost relative to French presses and pod brewers. Enjoy the general convenience of being able to enjoy a silky cup of coffee whenever and wherever you want with AeroPress today.

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