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Bad boy or Sweetheart? Season 3 of Fboy Island unfolds and we find out which category comedian heartthrob, Marco Delvecchio falls under. The CW show follows 3 beautiful women as they navigate dating a group of men: half are nice guys and the rest, self proclaimed F-boys.  Outside of reality television, Marco has an impressive acting portfolio and a hilarious podcast titled Smoochie Town. Smoochie is a town bustling with convivial chatter among celebrity friends that has listeners rolling. Player or not DelVecchio has definitely won over our hearts and we’re excited to see what’s next for the Rhode Island native. Industry Rules sits with the emerging star, discovering that nice guys might actually finish first. 

RA: How did you get started as an actor?

MD: I played the UPS Guy in a regional production of Legally Blonde the Musical in Boston, MA and that’s when I fell in love with acting and performing and knew it was my calling.

RA: How was the transition from living on the east coast and moving to Los Angeles?

MD: It was definitely a struggle at first, especially trying to find a good group of people to surround myself. One that motivates you and encourages you to be the best version of yourself, and thankfully I found that within a few months of living here. Also let’s be honest, everything else on the west coast, specifically Los Angeles is better. The weather, the food variety, the work opportunities, the females 😉

RA: Can you share something with our audience about you that’s not readily known?

MD: Deep down, I genuinely am a hopeless romantic. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I do want to settle down and find a good girl to live life with; to travel with, to tell good news to you at the end of the day, and really just have fun with. A best friend. 

RA: You are versed in comedy, reality-acting, traditional acting, podcasting. Which is your favorite?  Why?

MD: I would definitely say podcasting is my favorite because I get to interview and have fun with my super talented friends from all facets, and really explore and talk about things they don’t usually get to do due to their private lives.

RA: Who or what has been inspirational to you in your career?

MD: I would say Tom Brady has definitely been one of the most inspirational figures in my career. Mainly because I grew up in New England and I am a die hard Patriots fan, but also because his tenacity to win, and his relentless work ethic is admirable to say the least. In addition, my family motivates me a tremendous amount, and at the end of the day, all I want to do is make them proud and put my name on the map; for myself and for them.

RA: What’s the hardest question you ever been asked? How did you go about answering the question?

MD: The hardest question I’ve ever been asked is probably, “What’s the hardest question you’ve ever been asked?” How I went about answering that question is stated above.

RA: What’s next for your career?

MD: I want to travel the country and perform comedy for strangers from all walks of life, develop my podcast more and continue to interview some of the most inspirational talents out there, and who knows, maybe another reality show or two. Oh, and find love!

You can continue to follow Marco’s extraordinary career via his Instagram, @MarcoDelvec.

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