The secret to a successful workout is how you start and finish your sets, whether that’s mountain biking, jogging, bouldering, or anything else that keeps you going. With AXO Nutrition, you can ease into any activity set up for success and finish with total recovery. Their naturally flavored gummies are designed to improve performance by starting you off on the right foot and rewarding the body with vital nutrients that only sustain your energy levels rather than depleting them. Unlike most performance-enhancing supplements, which normally require you to mix with water, the gummies from AXO Nutrition are quick, simple, and supply your body with the necessary vitamins for even the hardest workouts without adding unnecessary baggage. Do away with chalky powders and make room in your wellness cupboard for these allergen free, non-GMO, tasty treats built for your inner champion. The real workout begins at the end of your hustle when your body needs to be revitalized and organic energy to build upon. Once AXO Nutrition launched in 2018, it became very clear that the gummy market was hardly tapped and needed to be wielded in the right hands to produce the best results. With AXO Nutrition at your side, you can become the best version of yourself without making a total mess, even if life decides to make one.   

Created around the idea that everyone is an athlete no matter what they are doing, CEO and Founder Bronson Gannon wanted to make sure that everyone can better themselves. The soon to be father of two says, “There are multiple reason to take these gummies, for working out. I use them as a substitute to coffee in the mornings at times or even if I need to chase my 1-year-old around the house. The Recovery gummies are great for when you are feeling under the weather or if you had a little too much late-night fun.” 

Constantly innovating new formulas and for their current pre-workout and recovery line, AXO Nutrition is always striving to improve their current products and find ways to make the “ordinary” more of an experience to consumers everywhere. 

Discovered in the action sports mecca, Southern California and made in the USA, AXO Nutrition is aimed at all different types of athletes. Yogis, Cross fitters, Olympic lifters, Triathletes, and professional parents can all enjoy these gummies.

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