Desisano is a combination of “Design” and the Spanish word for artisan, “Artesano.” The name signifies the importance of the brand’s Colombian inspiration, attention to details, and hand-crafted artistry. In fact, Desisano’s founder, Mauricio Orozco, is from Colombia. He was inspired to start the brand in 2016, when he designed a custom laptop bag and guitar strap, and decided to have it made in Colombia because of its cultural richness and extensive ethnic artifacts.

Even before 2016, Desisano was always in the back of Orozco’s mind. Having grown up in Colombia’s coffee growing region, rooted in the regal Andes mountain, Desisano’s founder was entrenched in the scenes of lush, diverse nature with scenic coffee plantations, and colorful ethnic handicrafts. Those experiences never left him, but instead gave him a purpose: to bring that ambiance and cultural richness to the United States.

Orozco’s burning desire to represent Colombia in the United States has led to a diverse collection of useful and beautiful products, ranging from tribal-inspired Mola Coin Wallets to Phone Mini and larger Crossbodies, as well as backpacks, totes, and slim wallets. The underlying theme connecting all of the products is the merging of Industrial Design with handcrafted details that are the hallmarks of artisanal, rather than mass produced goods. Desisano’s collection is memorable precisely because of its distressed finishes, ethnic trims, and geometrical patterns that evoke the Colombian countryside.

With its shop in Bogota, Colombia, Desisano is not only proud of its products, but the values underpinning their production, packaging, and treatment of their staff as well. The quality craftsmanship is guaranteed because all of the goods are made by hand in the shop. As a family-owned business for over thirty years, the owners of Desisano take great pride in producing all goods in small batches to ensure the highest quality possible. Packing is also sustainably sourced from responsible suppliers only. Desisano also treats its employees right with all employees being paid fair wages with vacations. By supporting Desisano, you’re supporting the artisanal spirit, a family-owned business, sustainable sourcing, and fair wages. It’s one of the easiest and best decisions you’ll make.

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