Kind Snacks

Be KIND. Be KIND to yourself and be KIND to your body. That’s just part of the credo behind KIND snacks. The fruit and grain company encourages eating their healthy and tasty snacks if you plan to forgo a meal – especially breakfast.

“A late train delays your morning, breakfast shouldn’t” is one of the many slogans used to advertise the numerous delicious assortment of nut and fruit bundles.

Launched in 2004, KIND snacks started with only 8 bar varieties, but has since grown to over 22 bars, 6 healthy grains snackable clusters, and quiet a few sweet savory blends.

With combinations like Dark Chocolate Almond & Coconut, Raspberry Cashew & Chia, and Black Truffle Almond & Sea Salt, KIND is able to achieve tasty blends that maintain a low sugar count.

The health conscious company recently earned the right to place “healthy” on their wrappers after asking the Food and Drug Administration to reexamine their definition of healthy to include nutrient-rich foods in Fall 2015.

KIND was asked to remove “healthy” from four wrappers by the FDA in Spring 2015 due to the high fat content. However, KIND products are comprised primarily of nuts, which surpassed the “healthy” amount of nutritious fat allowed by their policy. KIND appealed the FDA and in doing so reminded them nuts, like avocados and salmon, contain high amounts of unsaturated fats, but are low in sugar.

KIND has since placed “healthy” back on their wrappers and are moving at full speed – having now developed a few “Strong & KIND” savory alternatives to their sweeter staples: Hickory Smoked, Honey Smoked BBQ, Honey Mustard, Thai Sweet Chili, and Roasted Jalapeno.

Moreover, KIND encourages their supporters to do unto others as they do unto themselves – acts of KINDness included. The New York based company calls for supporters to participate in the KIND movement, which works to inspire kindness. Whether it’s sending a handwritten letter or volunteering with a local organization, KIND would like to help by offering their #kindawesome cards with access to a special gift.

KIND snacks can be found in major retailers like Starbucks, Target, and Fresh Direct.

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