Musa Pain Gold Reliever is an African-American and woman-owned business for all-natural and therapeutic products that are great for active people who need to recover well from sports injuries. It’s a plant-based company with a large catalog of health and beauty products that is not only good for the environment, but good for people. 

Musa Pain Gold Reliever’s mission is to help people enjoy their lives pain-free and with the utmost attention to health. Founded in 2021, the company was created with the mission to make pain an obsolete problem. Alinda Mitchell, Musa Gold Pain Reliever’s owner and founder, described the products as, “soothing, no matter how active someone may be — including for athletes, bodybuilders, and avid gym-goers. Musa Gold helps people stay pain-free longer and recover faster.” It’s one of the best ways to treat your body the way it deserves to be treated. 

The range of products include hand-crafted body washes, soaps, lotions, and pain-alleviating balms. The entire collection features the Original Gold Formula 8, which is pending approval, but immediately effective on your body and how pain impacts your daily life and athletic functionality. As founder Mitchell notes, health is wealth. She detailed, “Your health is arguably the most valuable thing in your life…It is just as valuable as gold. We create products by hand that allows people to value their health and live life and enjoy activities without fear of pain.” The hand-crafted nature and high-quality of the ingredients is part of the proverbial magic as the “best ingredients…are free of harsh synthetic chemicals, so people not only get skin and body care items that nourish their skin, it aids in their recovery.” 

It shouldn’t be a surprise then that the name, “Musa’s Gold Pain Reliever,” alludes to the value of health by connecting it to gold since “Mansa Musa” was one of the wealthiest rulers of the West African Mali Empire. “Musa” itself meant “saved by the water” in ancient times. It’s a great way to highlight the importance of water to one’s health. That attention to health, rather than cosmetic and superficial pain relief, sets apart Musa’s Gold Pain Reliever from the often overcrowded pain relief aisles throughout the country.

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