Going to the gym for a workout?  Or, are you heading to the court (basketball, tennis etc.) to work on your game? That’s great! We pose a question. How are you packing and traveling with your gear? Before you answer those questions, we would like to introduce you to Solepack. It’s one of newest sports backpack in the market.

Solepack is a lifestyle sneaker backpack that’s made for the everyday person. It has a very sleek design with unique pockets to store your sneakers as well as your workout gear. Inspired by an upbringing in New York City, it’s founders wanted to create a fashionable durable backpack. “From athletics to the arts, we’ve also utilized our bags as moving canvases for an artist to express and create traveling works of art”, said the marketing representative in a released statement. 

Solepack comes with several variations and colors. Our favorite is the OMEGA backpack with that SP-1 Sneaker Bags. This particular bag passes the eye test. It’s completely functional and lightweight. With sports being an everyday event with leagues like the NBA, MLB, NFL, this is a key bag to keep when training or just being a sport enthusiast.

For more on Solepack, please go to website or follow them via social media.

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