Born and raised in California’s Silicon Valley, Tifany has always had a unique and dynamic background. Known for her exotic looks and fit figure, there’s more than what meets the eye for this San Francisco Bay Area native. Now residing in Southern California and Miami, she continues to leave both the tech world and her hundreds of thousands of social media followers guessing on her next move. 

Many don’t realize that Tifany had a massive weight loss journey which launched her fitness modeling career. However, that’s just one facet of Tifany’s many notches on her belt. From having developed tech startups, to being an international IT manager at the headquarters for the biggest social media company in the world, this woman continues to leave many people inspired. 

She also attended culinary school and is a chef? Industry Rules sat down the multitalented beauty to discuss her career, new goals, and initiatives:

AF: How have you been under the world’s COVID-19 pandemic?

Tifany: I’ve been good! I’ve been staying healthy and active and out of harm’s way. I have not gotten the virus and I’m really grateful for that. I really hope that everything will return to normal as it was pre-pandemic. 

AF: How did you get started as a fitness model influencer?

Tifany: It all started once I lost the weight. I used to be nearly 200lbs (I’m only 5’3). I started modeling for some local fitness brands in San Diego and then some agencies took notice. I got more gigs, even did some runway shows for high-end swimwear and got signed on as a fitness model with a couple different agencies. I guess you could say it all just snowballed once I became passionate about my fitness lifestyle. 

AF: Can you list some highlights of your career?

Tifany: I’ve had a very dynamic career since graduating from UCSD. A glimpse of some accomplishments would include my role as an executive director for a concierge tech startup and the book of business I acquired including many top Fortune 500 companies and A-listers.  Another highlight would be my role at Facebook HQ as a Global Security operations manager and leading the strategic initiatives in policy implementation, staff organization and maximizing effectiveness of departments on an international scale. 

AF: What are some of things you’ve learned while being a chef?

Tifany: I attended culinary school after spending some time in tech as a project manager and account manager. It was the best thing! I could’ve done to fulfill my creative outlet while it paralleled with some of my prior management skills. Time management, logistics, organization, multi-tasking, and working under immense pressure (more than just the kitchen heat) are some of the biggest takeaways I learned from being a chef. Working in a commercial kitchen is not glamorous and some of the most demanding work. Compared to what diners see on the plate is what I consider one of life’s greatest juxtapositions. And that’s a beautiful thing. 

AF: Who has been your hardest critic? What did you learn from that person?

Tifany: Myself. I am definitely my hardest critic. And I’ve learned to be more balanced with that and to be kinder to myself. I’ve learned more from failure than I ever have from success. Because failure isn’t really failure – it’s just a lesson on how to be more successful next time. 

AF: What exercise advice would give to someone who’s trying to sculpture their body?

Tifany: Be kind to yourself. Be patient. Have realistic expectations. Consistency is everything and abs are made in the kitchen. Consider what your goals are and commit yourself to that lifestyle. Stay away from fad diets – they’re fads for a reason. Fuel your body with proper nutrition for your workouts/lifestyle/goals. Rest is everything when it comes to sculpting your body or gaining muscle. So make sure you’re getting enough sleep and you’re allowing your body to recover in between workouts, also to prevent injury. Change is never easy, but it’s worth it – this includes your lifestyle 

AF: What’s next for you career and how can people find you for business opportunities?

Tifany: I’ve got lots going on currently that I’ve been private about. I can’t divulge too many details but I’m getting back into the culinary industry and merging it with e-commerce. I’m also making my mark in the NFT industry. This means a lot to me to be representing women in an industry that is run by predominantly men. I would love to make it more of an inclusive space with it growing so rapidly.

You can keep up with her by following her on Instagram @OfficialTifany.

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