We’ve often covered watchmakers with pedigree here, and for good enough reason: for some shoppers, that matters very, very much. That said, we’ve also given a nod to newer, less “tradition-locked” timepiece makers out there who will be shaping the market with their innovations for years to come. Wolfpoint, a company hailing from Chicago whose 5th birthday is on the horizon, has a watch out now that we’re eager to give its fair due. 

For those who insist on pedigree, however, there is some history to enjoy. The founder of the company is a fourth (!) generation watchmaker. His grandfather was a watchmaker who assembled timepieces in Geneva, Switzerland. The lineup of suppliers and vendors that the 

company uses are the byproduct of home-grown, grassroots relationship-building dating back to the 60s. 

With a focus on providing high-quality timepieces that peak at around $200, Wolfpoint has garnered the attention of enthusiasts all over the country. Their hometown flair (their namesake being the meeting point of three branches of the Chicago River) works in service of their mission, and they’re the latest in a long line of Chicago-based timepiece creators to make the city, and their customers, proud. 

The company is able to hit their target of providing affordability in high-quality watches by controlling critical parts of the supply chain. With a factory overseas and another located near their headquarters in Chicago, Wolfpoint doesn’t have to rely on any third parties during virtually any part of the manufacturing, shipping, or retail processes. The latter is owed to the fact that the company also embraces the direct-to-consumers model (popular already, for example, with the eyewear industry). 

To give a nod to their flagship model, Wolfpoint are calling this series the Fort Dearborn line. Boasting a slim and minimalist profile that would be at home at any occasion, we can say the Fort Dearborn hits its targets admirably. A blind test would trick almost anyone, and the watch could easily be passed off as something from a few price tiers above it. Full marks where achieving the design goal without introducing compromise is concerned. 

Also of note is that Wolfpoint have partnered with Horween Leather to supply the watch bands for their Fort Dearborn line. While fond of the vegetable-tanned variant, there are a number of possible configurations available to buyers. 

Though still a young company, there’s every indication that Wolfpoint’s lineup will age beautifully, lasting generations. Buyers will be privy to free shipping, a robust two-year warranty, and U.S.-based customer service representatives waiting to provide assistance. 

For the technically-inclined, below is an insert containing a breakdown of the timepiece’s clever construction and makeup. We’re a fan of this one, and we’re hoping you will be, too. 

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