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Richie Valentino has been a staple in the Long Island, New York night scene for a very long time. The successful nightclub and concert producer is best known for executive producing the Jones Beach “Latin Nights” Concert Series. He also recorded several voice overs for the video game, Grand Theft Auto. His major success in Long Island earned him the title “King of Long Island” which is moniker that has stuck with him for years. 

With the global pandemic shutting down businesses throughout the country, Richie Valentino took the time to reflect on life and work on his second studio album. The first single entitle “TIDDYS” which features Jim Jones and Blue Diamond. The single is currently doing strong with radio placements as well as debuting the music video on BET. Richie Valentino has been promoting the single non-stop with pressers in Miami and all through New York. It’s all leading up to the release of his second studio album which is slated for release on July 1, 2021.

He sat down with Industry Rules to discuss his career and newest project.

AF: How have you been under the world’s COVID-19 pandemic?

RV: The pandemic brought out the animal In me. Everything I always wanted to do. I had no excuse anymore to get it done. Music has always been my passion, but the event production took over my life.

Pre pandemic, I was hosting 6+ events per week in New York City. Between my event schedule and my family, it seemed impossible to record my album. The pandemic gave me time to focus on everything that was important to me. It gave me time to record my first studio album which triggered everything after that. Not only did it stream extremely well, today my music is being played on New York City’s top radio stations daily.

AF: How has the transition been from event producer and DJ to recording artist?

RV: It was a very natural transition. There can be no events without music. So, I pay very close attention to the hit songs that are being played during my events. It’s like a cheat code because I get a chance to see whats songs are working in nightclubs. I take that knowledge and apply it into my own music. I actually test my music at my events before I release them. It gives me much needed insight as to how I should adjust my sound. But to answer your question, I absolutely love doing both event  and music production. I simply love making ideas come to life.

AF: What are some of things you’ve learned while being an artist?

RV: Being in the studio every day, I am learning much more in detail. The recording, engineering, and mastering process of making music. I have a whole new respect level for engineers. 

Aside from learning that process, I have now learned that music is a team sport. I have been so self reliant my entire life that it took me time to accept that I now needed a team. No one man can do it all when it comes to releasing music professionally.

AF: Your new single “TIDDYS” featuring Jim Jones and Blue Diamond is one of the hottest records out.  How did the collaboration come about?

RV: Immediately after dropping my first album Multiple Personality a few months ago, I jumped right back into my studio and jokingly said ‘songs about anything can pop off nowadays. I could make a song about “TIDDYS” and I bet it could go viral. I did and it literally went viral. I met Jim Jones through a New York City DJ & producer DJ SPINKING.  I felt he was the best fit for the project because we both have the same worth ethic. The finishing product came out fire and the rest is history. Soon as people hear “TIDDYS”, they smile. To me, that’s a win because it means I did my job as an entertainer which is to make people happy.

AF: Can you give some insights on SECOND album?

RV: My second album is called Multiple Personality 2. It is titled that because depending on what my inspiration is on that particular day or listening to any particular beat I’m different. Voices pops up in my head with the lyrics. I may sing on a project or a may rap. So, Multiple Personality is a perfect name. 

Multiple personality 2 will showcase a variety of the different types of Hip Hop voices I have in my mind. I have a R&B record, a drill joint, several Trap songs and a party record; just a plethora of records that I hope people will enjoy. It’s definitely something there for everyone.

AF: What’s next for you career and how can people find Richie Valentino for business opportunities?

RV: With the world opening up, I am looking forward to performing to live audiences. Aside from that, I plan on shooting at least 5 music videos or my upcoming project Multiple Personality 2 with video director JUGANOT. Together we come up with some crazy ideas. I can’t wait to make those ideas come to life. For business opportunities, you can reach out to via Instagram.

Photo by David Serrano Photography 

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