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An enticing tropical cocktail that has its origin in Puerto Rico is the Frozen Piña Colada.  This homemade creamy cocktail with its refreshing and delicious flavors is the ideal beverage to enjoy by the pool on a hot summer day. Indulge in this classic refreshing tropical

Rock your taste buds with a scrumptious Guacamole that has its origin in Mexico. This authentic Mexican Guacamole is fresh, slightly chunky, and zesty. A perfect healthy vegetarian dip to serve with tortilla chips, tacos, tostadas, vegetarian enchiladas and more. This simple tasty dip is

Strawberry chia seed pudding is a healthy, rich and fulfilling breakfast to get your day started. Chia seeds are a great source of protein-rich fiber. There is a satisfying flavor to this delicious breakfast. Enjoy this tasty pudding made with strawberries and chia seeds, topped

In the event that you're searching for an indulgent treat Shamrock Shake is the ideal solution. This exemplary Irish shake is smooth, rich and enhanced with the minty deliciousness of peppermint extract. The green color makes the milkshake so fun and festive. This shake is

Be creative, make the most vibrant Pink Pasta Alla Vodka sauce for your favorite pasta. This quick dish with its creamy pink sauce is a taste sensation, so flavorful and pretty. Pink Pasta is the ideal dish to make on a romantic date night. INGREDIENTS:  2 cups

Miso Glazed Salmon is a wonderful and incredibly healthful Japanese meal. It has a savory and sweet taste that is brimming with miso sticky sauce flavor. Not only is Miso Glazed Salmon a delicious recipe for a weeknight family dinner, but it's also sophisticated enough

Eating well is no longer an option. Making a delectable healthy salad can strengthen your immune system. This is a great and savory salad that can help fight cancer.  INGREDIENTS: HEALTHY SALAD: 1/2 cup Kale leaf  1/3 cup sliced beets  1/3 cup Organic Cherry Tomatoes (cut halved) 1/3 cup Cashews  1/2 sliced

A fun way to celebrate Autumn is with Pumpkin Cupcakes, which are a festive dessert. They are fluffy, super soft, and incredibly velvety. These cupcakes are going to become your new falltime favorite dessert when you top them with an incredible cream cheese frosting. For