Hoop88Dreams is the best on- and offline that specializes in only unique, elevated hoop earrings, and perhaps best of all — from native New Yorkers who have a deep understanding of fashion and entrepreneurship.

It’s often said that to do something right, you should focus on one thing at a time. Hoop88Dreams is the epitome of that saying. The founders, Shara and Jade, have mastered the art of bold, fashion forward, and classic hoops. Hoop88Dreams offers a variety of hoop collections for every occasion.

The Rich Aunty collection is eye-catching and simply elegant with a focus on the underplayed relationship between children and their aunts. Aunts help to relieve their sisters’ parenting stress by always being ready and willing to play with their nieces and nephews, essentially taking on the role of second mothers when needed. Available in pave and micro pave, the Rich Aunty Collection earrings are memorable for all the right reasons.

The Door Knockers collection, like the Rich Aunty collection, is striking. It’s an immediately noticeable throwback to the golden era of hip-hop: the 1980s. Ranging from heart-shaped to bamboo-inspired, heart- foiled, and link gold hoops, the collection reflects the style of the streets at the time and even now. Popularized by hip-hop artists, hood celebrities, and the girlfriends of drug dealers, the Door Knockers collection is an in-your-face reminder that hip-hop has influenced so much of fashion and magazine covers domestically and globally. It’s a movement everyone wants to be part of.

The Silver Lining and Hoop Dreams collections are more subtle, but still power statements for fashion- conscious women. Both collections are suitable for a number of settings, including professional, everyday out-and-about, and going out for the evening. The Hoop Dreams collection features thicker hoops in rope or high gloss, interior wave detailing, as well as slimmer hoops that are chic and sleek. The Silver Lining collection dives deeper into the sophisticated look with sterling silver hoop earrings that also have a metaphorical meaning: finding the silver lining or hope and brightness in any and every situation. Styles include thin-all over diamond cut, square bamboo, endless heart, and mini thick hoop earrings. Each one is a must-have accessory for women who want a timeless fashion accessory and support a black- and women-owned business at the same time.

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