Rehab Studios is a unisex streetwear brand born in Brooklyn. Despite its distinctly New York City flare, Rehab Studios’ ready-to-wear apparel, accessories, and jewelry is influenced by cultures worldwide and as the name suggests, inspired by addiction recovery.

The brand is born of real people’s recovery from addiction and mental illness. The collection of apparel ranging from t-shirts to sweatshirts, knitwear, and bottomwear is complemented by jewelry accessories for every price point and with the highest quality material. Regardless of the specific piece, all of Rehab Studios’ collection is dedicated to celebrating rather than stigmatizing breaking free of addiction. Rehab Studios’ designers create designs that intend to destroy the status quo and forge a new, more open-minded and inclusive normal.

By putting “Rehab” front and center on many of the pieces such as “Tennis Terrycloth Bucket Hat” to the “Varsity Rehab Crewneck” and the “Rehab Tennis Sweater,” Rehab Studios is simultaneously promoting its brand and a word that people are often embarrassed to discuss. Many of the pieces are colorful and reflect a positive energy about rehab. Rehab Studios makes clothing and accessories that glamorize journeys of healing and enlightenment, but also embrace the grittiness of overcoming addiction. The designs are influenced by, and embody a primal grittiness that’s part of addiction, but just as importantly, the complex nature of recovery: where pain meets fantasy and hell merges with heaven.

Rehab Studios’ core mission is to design for real, everyday people—from drug addicts to artists to outcasts, the focus is on authenticity. In our increasingly social media-centric world, it’s a refreshing take on style, fashion, and what it means to be human. It is paying off big time since the Spring/Summer 2024 collection will be showcased this September at New York Fashion Week.

For Rehab Studios, the Fashion Week debut is a chance to show Rehab Studios in yet another light. That same authenticity and grittiness, but with a classical and whimsical collection. This collection heavily favors chic resort wear from elegant material ranging from silk to chartreuse to ostrich feather and lightweight leather. There’s also a number of playful prints that can be worn on casual and formal occasions, demonstrating the versatility of a real breakthrough fashion brand.

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