SoraByrd is a fashion brand that not only specializes in Kimonos, but embodies the ultimate “Yes to Life!” as well. It’s a Kimono brand that encourages everyone to be their best selves, whether it’s at home or outside, whether it’s a dinner party or the beach.

Jordan Byrd is the founder and designer of SoraByrd. Byrd is inspired and motivated by the quest for spiritual growth, spontaneously enjoying the beautiful world we live in. Byrd’s quest to find freedom through new perspectives is epitomized not only in the fluidity of SoraByrd, but in her expertise and dedication to the art of yoga. In fact, Byrd has completed 200 hours of Yoga Teacher training in Ubud, Bali and demonstrates alignment practices through Flows.

The art of movement and spirituality is also at the core of SoraByrd’s kimono lines. Byrd notes that freedom and flow is embodied in even its name as she describes that, “Sorabyrd means Sky Byrd, meaning freedom” and that “I the owner, Jordan Byrd, wanted to create a fashion line for fashionistas on the fly that can move from a event to a dinner all simultaneously throughout the day. I started with kimonos, as it is elegant and transitional through a day’s series of events! SoraByrd’s fashion project is to create a sewing program for human trafficking survivors to enable freedom! And to educate consumers about what they are buying and what they are contributing to!”

The freedom of SoraByrd’s kimonos is showcased in the wide range of colors, names, and forms of her Byrd’s collection. From the “Aqua Aquarius” kimono for $111 to the seductive “Luster Duster” kimono for $333, there’s something for everyone, and that’s intentional on the part of Byrd.

For her Fall 2023 collection, Byrd explains that her theme is “Lady Godiva’s Ride” and that, “Lady Godiva was the wife of the Governor of England in the 1600s, and did not appreciate how he taxed the horses, as people couldn’t provide food for their families or their means of transportation and their way of making money was taxed! So I want to tell a story with the line about how Lady Godiva made a bold statement by parading around town naked on her horse to get attention to a matter! I intend to clothe the ladies and gentleman, but to turn heads with amazing kimonos and still telling a rightful story!”

Though SoraByrd and the Fall 2023 collection focuses on kimonos for anyone and everyone seeking freedom of form and thought, SoraByrd also offers eye-catching and form fitting dresses and Slithering Silk Sets that are ready for the Jungle Party or Yacht Hopping. Indeed, whether kimono, dress, or silk set, Byrd’s selections are perfect for fashion-forward individuals who want versatility and elegance.

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