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Maria Bonita Salon & Spa

Maria Bonita Salon & Spa

Being in the heart of New York City, a mecca of storefronts, niche businesses, and emerging brands has its benefits for Maria Bonita Salon & Spa owner, Fernanda Lacerda.  It’s not just the love of an 83.1 billion dollar industry that motivates the Brazilian native who brings a splash of culture to the New York spa scene.

“We do beauty the Brazilian Way,” Lacerda asserts.  The full-service SoHo salon and spa, which is co-owned by Manuela Guinnini, has been open since 2003.  Lacerda is a style maven who has been recognized as one of the 100 most influential Brazilians living in New York by Vogue Brasil.  The salon is comparable by top spas in Brazil and brings the best of traditional Brazilian beauty treatments and technology to its clients.  Fashion and art are embraced in the intimate environment of the spa.

On being a salon and spa owner, Lacerta explains, “It is such an envolving industry to be part of.  You get to experience new products and techniques first hand and influence so many people on new trends.”  Maria Bonita Salon & Spa are proud to have been featured in major magazines to include Vogue, Elle, Today Style, and E Entertainment.

Lacerta was all lathered up about the spa’s recent expansion, “we have just double the size of the salon this past September and I think it has been the biggest milestone.”  This should be welcome news to major model agencies who send top talent for treatments rumored to include famous faces of Victoria’s Secret.

Always on beauty trend, Lacerta comments on treatments and trends, “Recently we brought back the length, a technique that burns off the split ends without taking any of the length off.  Our massages are done with a type of cream made with Black Pepper, very famous in Brazil to activate the circulation.”

Lacerta is thrilled at the best news yet for the brand that is now reaching its 14th year, “You can now party with us since we are renting our salon for private parties.”  Lacerta would never likely have to say ‘pamper party’ twice, most people in the New York Metro area would be there in a New York minute.

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