Oaza Cold Brew is a strong cold brew coffee that’s the epitome of a delicious, healthy drink that’s good for you and the environment. It’s a member of the 1% for the Planet, Oaza Cold Brew is partnered with Pure Water for the World to contribute to bringing clean water that’s safe to drink to communities in Central America and Haiti.

Besides being great for the environment, Oaza is finely crafted with a focus on health, including electrolytes that help regulate fluids and muscle contractions in your body to keep you balanced. Available in flavors ranging from Cacao Mocha to Black to Oat Milk, Oaza is one of the few caffeinated drinks that’s about where it can take you, rather than where it’s from.

It’s energy boosting with 200 mg of caffeine, but it also has 0 grams of sugar and it’s only 30 calories, making it the perfect drink for anyone looking to lose weight. To top it off, it’s plant based, gluten free, and keto friendly. For individuals who are sensitive to gluten, carbs, and even caffeine, it’s a great way to enjoy high-quality cold brew coffee without the worry of not being able to sleep well at night, or ingesting too much sugar because of add-ons like syrups and whipped creams.

Oaza Cold Brew also features L-Theanine, which keeps the body energized and hydrated. Perfect for anyone on-the-go, without the excessive caffeine of other cold brew coffees or the excessive sugar of most energy drinks. L-Theanine reduces stress and anxiety as well. It’s the perfect combination with magnesium citrate, which increases energy, aids exercise performance, calcium citrate for cellular health for better muscle functionality, and sodium bicarbonate to ensure a well-hydrated body.

In fact, Oaza Cold Brew’s founder, Jeff, started the business by problem solving for what he recognized as a, “disconnect between hydration and energy” when he was traveling back and forth between New York and Las Vegas for work. Each time, he found himself increasingly tired. One day he had the epiphany that it’s because though the coffee he drank frequently gave him the energy he needed and wanted, it didn’t contain the hydration his body and mind desperately needed. It’s the origin story of Oaza, which means “oasis,” intended to provide much needed mental and physical replenishment on even the busiest of days.

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