MINX is a New York City-based clothing brand created by New Yorker and Greek-American, Des Kotsis. MINX has an eclectic collection that’s influenced by the energy of New York City, entrepreneurial spirit and the cultural background of its founder.

Currently, MINX offers a variety of boutique clothing and accessories. The “Dope Eye” is the Greek evil eye or “mati” and is displayed featured on MINX’s sporty, but stylish hoodie, T-shirts, and iPhone case. Of special note is the eye-catching and colorful “Dope Eye” emblem as the centerpiece of a white book bag featured in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3. MINX founder, Kotsis, pays homage to both her New York City and Greek roots with her collection. She pays homage to her Greek roots with a “Greek Street” T-shirt featuring a warrior, as well as an “I’m Happier in Greece” long sleeve crewneck. Growing up in New York City, she also gives a shout out to the Big Apple with a New York long sleeve crewneck and cuffed beanie, as well as a limited edition and hand dyed T-shirts featuring the MINX logo and its logo, the ever present New York City pigeon.

Des Kotsis explains that the pigeons featured with the MINX logo are symbolic of New York City since they’re seen everywhere. They’re also a symbol of empowerment and resilience since unfortunately, some people like to scare them even though they haven’t done anything to harm them. Despite the bullying they sometimes endure, pigeons nonetheless are able to spread their wings to go wherever they want. With her fashion brand, MINX, Des Kotsis wants to encourage others to do the same: stretch your own wings and enjoy life because it’s too short!

In fact, the story behind MINX is a testament to that entrepreneurial and go-getter philosophy with Kotsis having started her brand when she was only 18-years-old and a senior in high school. Now 23-years-old, Kotsis describes MINX as a journey. With the brand having quickly gained a following, Kotsis experienced a setback that she knew would only be temporary once COVID-19 hit. As soon as the pandemic died down, Kotsis redoubled her efforts with MINX and it paid off, with the brand being featured in the latest installment of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and benefiting from a growing and enthusiastic fanbase that’s only the beginning.

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