Richie Valentino

Concert producer, voice over actor and nightclub MC Richie Valentino has just released his debut Hip Hop album “Multiple Personality”.

“Six Months ago, I met a sound engineer at one of my concerts, ( Jason Blends ) He had listened to a few of my tracks and acknowledged my talent right away. Soon after Jason invited me to record 1 song at his new studio (Studio Square Recordings in Astoria, Queens). That first song was called “Nothing to Lose” and it came out FIRE so we kept recording weekly. A few months later we ended up with 10 songs and Multiple Personality was born.  One of the most challenging things for me as a song writer is committing to one sound. Depending on my vibe or my inspiration for that day, I can sound completely different from my previous song. Multiple personality is a collection of one of my musical styles. We recorded 10 songs and actually had to cut 3 off of this project because they just didn’t match the others. This album to me is just a warm-up, merely an introduction to mymadness and versatility as a song writer and recording artist.”

Originally from Queens Village New York, Valentino moved to Long Island to attend Stony Brook University. There he became popular for organizing the university’s most magnanimous off-campus college events.“I remember “dorm storming” vividly to this day! Dorm Storming pretty much was sneaking into every single door room building on my campus and slipping flyers under each and every door of every campus room. Sometimes it would take my team 8 hours to do it without getting caught but I wanted my parties to be HUGE so I simply had to make the sacrifice. Sometimes I had work or class at 8 am and I would sacrifice an entire night sleep just to make sure every student on campus had the flyer to my party in their room by the time they woke up. That drive and determination made my events successful and that proved to be the foundation of my entertainment business. I plan on bringing that same hunger my musical career” .

Valentino very quickly rose to prominence in Long Island as a successful nightclub and concert promoter. He is best known for being the first to produce live Reggaeton concerts in the Long Island area. He is best known now for executive producing the Jones Beach “Latin Nights” Concert Series. Fun fact about Valentino: he has several memes with his face on it that have gone viral on Instagram and he has recorded voice overs for the very popular video game series “Grand Theft Auto “.

“Man, I had no idea the voices I did for Rockstar games were going to be chosen. I skipped class one day in college and went to the Rockstar games Headquarters in SOHO NYC with my boy Jay Wright. We went upstairs to a HUGE recording studio. They gave me a list of voices to do and I killed them all. I remember the audio engineer laughing hysterically so I figured he was feeling the voices I was creating. Six months later I received a thank you letter from Rockstar games and a free copy of the game mailed to my house. I will admit I was hype! I had always said I can’t wait to show my kids this letter when I get older”. 

Check out his debut project “Multiple Personality” now streaming on all platforms. 

Richie Valentino is definitely one of Long Island’s best kept secret musical talents.

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