So often we look at models and we write them off as gorgeous hollow figures. It’s probably a combination of media and jealousy that constructs our assumption that people so beautiful can’t have much else going for them. Male Model, Rudy Bundini, is an excellent example of why one should never assume. Underneath that symmetrically perfect, chiseled face and flawless physique is an intelligent man, who despite numerous obstacles, found success and fulfillment through his art. He’s had an impressive boxing career. He has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, and is now dominating the fickle world of modeling. “It’s not about making the right choice.” Bundini says. “It’s about making a choice and making it right.” Industry Rules goes deeper with the determined fashion model who always followed his heart and made his choices right. 

RA: You’re a boxer, an engineer, a model, and an actor. You’ve got so much talent and dabble in so much. What is your favorite thing to do and why?
RB: I was pursuing a boxing career and that’s almost all I was focusing on. Although I started modeling over ten years ago, I didn’t take it really seriously until after one of the pre-qualifying matches for the London Olympic games. In this pre-match, my right shoulder popped out for the second time. I went to the doctor and after I came back from anesthesia, they told me, ‘You can’t box anymore.’  Boxing was my only passion at that time. For six months, I was at home depressed with no hope and desires. I didn’t have any other dreams. Then, I eventually started to focus on modeling while finished my master’s degree. My field of study was mechanical engineering.

I am glad and grateful to stepped into another field while at the time I had no other plans and hope for the future, modeling turned into my silent poetry, I speak through my photos with expressions, that’s my way of communication with the world.

RA: You have been modeling for an impressive 10+ years. What is the secret for lasting so long in a career that is usually short lived?
RB: I trust my instincts, and make judgements on what my heart tells me. It’s not about making the right choice. It’s about making a choice and making it right.

Male modeling is a unique career choice in that there is no specific path to success. Representing your true self is the master key to unlocking many of the difficulties in modeling and also the modern world. People become afraid of revealing their true selves and eventually forget who they really are. Trying to copy someone’s style can’t bring the success they have gained because it doesn’t come natural.

RA: How has the modeling industry changed throughout the years?
RB: Trends keep reproducing themselves, but they slowly evolve each time a decade comes back in vogue. But there’ll also be some new trends in the next 10 years, such as fashion that incorporates technology. Experts also predict there’ll be a boom in eco-conscious brands and handmade items.

RA: Can you recall a moment in your career where you felt like giving up and why didn’t you?
RB: Yes, of course! I have had my up and downs, I have had difficult times that I had to made decisions that determined my whole future path. But I have always believed It’s always too early to quit. And frankly it’s all about how badly do you really want it.  Remember why you decided to start this goal in the first place. Specially, in a competitive era like modeling and fashion. If it was easy, anybody could do it. 

You probably identified your goal because you thought it would make you happier and it would grow your abilities if you achieved it. Recognize that the journey will not always be easy. Mentally prepare yourself for the days that are more difficult. It will help you power through, and not stop.

Sometimes your time table is different from how long it actually takes. Instead of throwing in the towel, be resilient. No one is Superman, well I look like Superman, lol! When you reach your goal, don’t rest on your laurels. Identify a new goal and tell yourself, I can do it! Just look at your track record.

RA: Can you recall a moment in your career where you felt like “ok, I made it.”
RB: Time Square billboards have always been an end goal for models, and being featured multiple times there and on multiple journal covers is a satisfying feeling to be honest.

RA: It is quite apparent that you put in a lot of work in your physique. What is your workout

RB: Fitness training balances five elements of good health. Make sure your routine includes aerobic fitness, strength training, core exercises, balance training, and flexibility and stretching. However I personally focus more on strength and weight training as my favorite methods of training routine

RA: When you’re not in front of the camera, what do you do for fun?
RB: I enjoy my daily gym workout. I really enjoy it because it helps keep me in my best physical shape. Training is also very relaxing and helps me manage my stress levels. My favorite part about my gym time is definitely getting to be around new people while pushing my limits. I like to try different training methods to improve different areas, like proper breathing techniques and mindfulness meditation along with pressing heavy weights.

RA: What’s next for Rudy Bundini?
RB: My life mission is to leave an optimistic imprint on as many people as possible to create a positive ripple effect long after I’m gone.

Photographer: Rick Day

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