HEED NYC is a Manhattan-based luxury fashion brand that leverages its apparel expertise to produce ready-to-wear and high-quality sneakers, handbags, timepieces, and other accessories. As its name, “Heed,” suggests, HEED NYC’s foremost objective is to create timeless “statement” designs” that force us as consumers and creators — to take heed or note of an increasingly multicultural fashion industry. HEED NYC promotes diversity and inclusion with its brand and wants to realize that mission in not only the US, but worldwide. 

The inclusive brand creates apparel and accessories for women and men, as well as elegant household items. HEED NYC’s women categories include accessories ranging from “Luxury Black Frame Coal Tint Sunglasses” that are reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s oversized, iconic sunglasses from Breakfast at Tiffany’s to its chic, minimalistic “OTL Black & White Candy Silicone Watch.” Leather Clutch Zip Bags with HEED NYC’s Monogram and a colorful, mural “Watch Your Back” design is available in vegan leather. Larger travel bags are also available for the quick weekend getaway or for the minimalist light traveler. 

There is also a range of accessories, including but not limited to drawstring bags, sunglasses, face masks, and watches for women and men. The range of women’s sunglasses are luxuriously geometric with tints available in yellow, rose, mint, ice blue, and coal. The HEEDNYC silicone watches prominently feature the HEED company’s program and are sporty, flexible, and catchy with bright pink, teal, and classic black and white swatches. The “Magnum MSK” Heed NYC watches have more colorful, street art dials with vibrant bands. Face masks match the watches with the large monograms in white or blood red against a chic, all-black background. For those who might be more-on-the-go and want bags that are more durable than leather zip clutches or duffels, HEED NYC’s drawstring bags feature a bright magenta open mouth reminiscent of the Rolling Stones logo, or wraparound of the HEED logo

While it’s common for people to dress for the role that they want, it’s equally important to decorate your home for the frame of mind that you want to cultivate. HEED NYC’s faux suede square and throw pillows, mugs, and candle holders with monogram prints, are the epitome of luxurious living. Enrich your home and your lifestyle today with this buzzing brand.

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