The Caribbean American Society of New York (CASONY) is a non-profit membership organization that focuses on culture, connectivity, and community among Caribbean Americans. One of the underlying and fundamental tenets of CASONY is to promote unity among Americans with Caribbean heritage. By uniting Caribbean Americans, CASONY is confident that members can then realize their full potential while helping other members of the community do the same. More specifically, CASONY is dedicated to improving the socio-economic status of Caribbean Americans through charity, activism, and educational initiatives.

CASONY has an extensive and impressive track record with 419 families served, 3,206 hours volunteered, and 2,960 students mentored. Given the rich and versatile backgrounds of different Caribbean nations, CASONY also recognizes that diversity is part of the community’s strengths. CASONY’s leadership and members believe that diversity helps all CASONY members become exposed to community members with perspectives and ideas different from their own. It helps the community learn from, and bond with each other in special ways.

That same sense of camaraderie and open-mindedness lends itself well to partnerships. CASONY has partnerships with Brooklyn-based high schools, Cristo Rey, as well as the prestigious specialized high school, Brooklyn Tech, and Columbia University’s National Society of Black Engineers. Jamaica, New York City-based Black Spectrum Theatre Company, which is the only professional theater company focused on African-Amercan outreach, is also a proud partner, in addition to children’s fund, Kiwanis, and high school organization, Key Club International.

Recognizing the different needs of CASONY members, the non-profit organization offers affinity groups as well: Men of Distinction, to recognize and applaud standout Caribbean men, as well as Women in Support of Excellence (WISE), to do the same for equally accomplished Caribbean women. The affinity groups also provide networking and informational services to CASONY members. Various events and workshops help members stay connected and informed in New York City, as well.

By building this culture of sharing resources, CASONY makes sharing positivity the norm among the Caribbean American community. The foundation of trust and openness is the basis of advancing the community as a whole consistently. CASONY is at the forefront of that effort.

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