Lulu Lopez is a Colombian born actress who’s super talented. Her career begins with roles in the Spanish soap opera films while located in Florida. She later relocated to New York City to increase her career opportunities and network initiatives. It paid off. She’s worked on the red carpet for several magazines where she’s interviewed celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon, Mookie Wilson, Joe Torre and DJ Envy. She’s hosted and produced several events. She’s also written, directed and produced her own comedy show where it has garnered great reviews. Lulu Lopez has always been an advocate for children. She worked as a field correspondent for a magazine that covered an event for enCourage Kids that featured the New York Mets. She continues to push her talents as an actress, writer and producer.

She sat down with Industry Rules to discuss her career and future projects.

AF: How did you get started in the film and entertainment industry?

LL: Great story! As a child, I knew I wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry. I would dream of being a guitarist or pianist. Then in my pre-teen years, I fell in love with modeling. I modeled a couple of runways and appeared in a couple of store catalogs. Later on, at age 14, I started hosting a music video show on the Spanish Network. Never did I think of acting, until one day in my late teens, a friend of mine invited me to attend his acting class as a guest. At the end of the class the teacher (who later will become my acting mentor) asked if anyone was interested in improvising something. I got up and improvised a scene. He was so impressed that he offered to give me a month of free classes. He then would refer me to any roles in the Spanish soap operas that he believed I fit. The rest is history as I fell in love with the craft.

AF: To date, what has been your most memorable project? Why? 

LL: I have two memorable projects. The first one being my own. “New to the City” is a comedy pilot, which not only did I write, but directed, produced and acted. It’s my baby. It was my first time behind the scenes. I was ecstatic when I heard the news that Hollywood Film Festival, Cannes World and Chelsea film festival not only choose it, but I won awards as first-time female director & best comedy. Watching it on the big screen in Hollywood for the first time with my actors would be the most memorable moment. My second memorable moment as an actress was when I played Danny Trejo’s mother on the movie “Caroltyn”. It’s memorable because, growing up I was Danny Trejo’s fan. So, to share the big screen with him was surreal. Eric Roberts being one of the cast members in the film was super exciting for me as well. 

AF: Since you are a Latina actress, who are some of the Latina actresses you admire?

LL: I admire all of my Latina actresses that have and are still paving the way for us LATINA’S. 

AF: Let’s talk about your latest project. What’s the name of the movie? How did you prepare for the role?

LL: My latest project was one which I play the crazy Latina girlfriend of the great comedian, Earthquake. To be honest, a lot of preparation wasn’t really necessary. (Laughing) I used to be a very jealous Latina girlfriend in my younger years. So, I basically had to bring out my old self for the role. 

AF: If you could have a groundbreaking role, what would it be? Why?

LL: Either a superhero on a Marvel movie or a psychopath, someone alone the lines of Harley Quinn. A superhero, because who wouldn’t want to play a superhero? And I’m also a huge fan of Marvel. A psychopath because I believe it’s one of the hardest roles to prepare for and get into character. 

AF: Did you accomplish all of your plans for 2022? If yes, great! If not, what didn’t get accomplished?

LL: No, unfortunately I did not accomplish all my plans this year. I wanted to film another episode of my TV show “New to the City” but, due to work reasons, I had to place it on hold for next year. As well as I wanted to finish the book I’m writing, but again, due to a busy schedule I didn’t get the chance to complete it. 

AF: What’s on the horizon for your career in 2023?

LL: I have the movie with Earthquake that will be out in 2023. As well as a show on Amazon Prime and a movie I just recently was casted for that will be on Netflix. So, say tuned. 

You can follow Lulu Lopez via Instagram @LuluActress.

Photography: Merson Narcisse

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