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Lisa Migliorini

Lisa Migliorini is a 28 year-old runner from Italy (close to Milan). Running and being fashionable is her passion. Her daily routine consist of running, running and more running. It all started as a childhood hobby where she would often run. It soon became a big part of her life. 

Her speciality is long distance (10km and half marathon – marathon is the nest goal). After she earned her degree in Physiotherapy, she decided to create her brand, “The Fashion Jogger”. The aim was to share her experiences, trainings, amazing sporty outfits and tips with the world. She has garner success as millions waits for her every post via her Instagram (@TheFashionJogger) and TikTok pages.

Last November, she published with Mondadori, a famous Italian editor, a book called “The Fashion Jogger. Il bello della corsa”. The book is in Italian and she’s working on the  English version.

She took time out of her running schedule to sit down with Industry Rules to discuss her career:

AF: How have you been under the world’s COVID-19 pandemic?

LM: It was tough and unexpected for everyone. We all have to change our habits. People had to stop working. We stopped running too (here in Italy, in the first month of pandemic, it was forbidden to go out and go far from home). I closed my Physiotherapy activity for one month and focused on my family; trying to stay safe. It gave me time to work on new projects via my social media. Everyone needed motivation and hope more than ever, that was when I opened my YouTube channel too, to push people to do home fitness workouts. It was a great way to stay healthy and in shape. To use the huge amount of time [from the pandemic], we had at home it helped relieve daily stress and anxiety. During lockdown, I put myself into test on fitness workouts. They have always been part of my training plan, but not so consistently. I discovered strength and weaknesses and now I can focus myself in even more goals to achieve.

AF: How did you get into the fitness industry? What is the inspiration behind jogging?

LM: Since I was a child, I always loved running and competition. I reached good performances on long distance competitions (10 km in 37’:20” and half marathon in 1h:23’:07”) and I still love to work hard to go behind my limits and chase personal best. Running is it for me. It’s not just about results and goals, even though it’s a huge part. I run because I love it. It’s fun and makes me feel good and in shape. It’s a way to reset my mind and take distance from all the world around me. It’s a moment just with myself and just running makes me feel like that. Everyone could live running as he or she chooses to. The Fashion Jogger was born from my two passions, running and fashion, with the aim to transmit motivation to my community, share tips on trainings and injury prevention, new aspiration on sport outfit. It help with my experiences running all around the world.

AF: Can you tell our audience a little about your book; The Beauty of Racing?

LM: Oh yes, that was a great achievement. The title in Italian is “The Fashion Jogger. Il bello della corsa”, so far it’s just in Italian, but I hope for an English translation soon for all my non-Italian followers. The book is the essence of The Fashion Jogger: there are a lot of tips to improve performance and prevent injuries, introspective feelings and thoughts about running, how to live running as a tourist and, of course, my story.

AF: Who has been your hardest critic? What did you learn from that person?

LM: My hardest critic has been my boyfriend, Fabio, and he still is. We founded The Fashion Jogger together after our degree in Physiotherapy and he has always been my motivator number one. He pushes me to give my best, to work hard and he teaches me to take every beautiful opportunity that life gives us. We still manage The Fashion Jogger business together. As a couple, sometimes is hard to divide work from the relationship, but it’s worth it. We do a great work together!

AF: What’s next for your career and how can people find you for business opportunities?

LM: I have a lot of personal projects in mind. Everything is going to be a challenge, but runners love challenges! I can’t tell you the details yet, but I’m sure my community would love them. In the meantime, I keep on working on projects with brands all over the world and this is always so excited. I love building ideas with brands I love! For collaboration, you can contact me at thefashionjogger@gmail.co.

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