Antoine Hill is the epitome of an American who’s a cornerstone of his local community and the greater American community. As one of the youngest ever to make Captain in the military, he has spent about two decades pursuing and embodying excellence in the US Department of Defense, Counterterrorism, and Weapons Handling.

With hard work, discipline, and dedication, Hill became promoted to Captain in an unusually short time and has utilized the same skills to excel in education at Central Texas College and American Military University. Passionate about sports, fitness, and health, Hill is studying sports management, health, and physical education. Outside of his academic and professional pursuits and achievements, Hill also volunteers — and takes it as seriously as his career.

Hill is involved with STEAM Days, speaking at career days at different schools in the area, so he can inspire the youth. He also volunteers for Energy venture camp, a youth summer camp focused on the energy industry and career opportunities in that field. Other causes that are close to his heart are Habitat for Humanity, delivering food for the elderly and disabled via Meals on Wheels and the annual Toys for Tots campaign to once again give back to the youth, especially the underprivileged.

Since Hill set a precedent as a young Captain in the military, he knows that young people need positive influences in their life from an early age. That’s why he mentors for the Humble Big Brother/Big Sister program, and most importantly, prioritizes being the best role model for his son and even coaches his son’s youth football and soccer teams.

If all of Hill’s accomplishments seem a lot, it’s because they are. At the same time, Hill humbly explains that, “Growing up, I quickly understood what ‘it takes a village’ meant. Now I’m proud to be part of the village that helps to ensure that today’s youths are provided with the essentials and self-esteem needed to foster a healthy environment and become successful in all that they do in the future.” If we all had more Antoine Hills in our families and communities, it’s safe to say that the future of our youth would be brighter, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Let’s learn from Hill and do what we can, when we can, to start.

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