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When it comes to hospitality, Christian Pascal, co-owner of the popular mid-town restaurant Hunt & Fish Club believes that the old classic New York aesthetic can be updated with a clubhouse feel that is welcoming and chic. Pascal has been a party promoter and food enthusiast in NYC for his entire career and speaking with him is like having a table at his restaurant.

MJ: What is your favourite neighbourhood in New York?
CP: As a born and bred native New Yorker, my favorite neighborhood is Manhattan.

MJ: What differentiates ARK restaurants in this competitive New York landscape?
CP: I can definitely say with certainty that it is the innovation and experience amongst the founders. Michael Weinstein and my father, Vinny Pascal are pioneers in the modern day restaurant business. They have opened places in neighborhoods that were once desolate and created a vibrant atmosphere. They’ve paved the way for many new restaurateurs of today.
MJ: Hunt & Fish Club – no dead stuffed animals on the wall what inspired the décor?

CP: My partner Eytan Sugarman and I would always ask, if Frank Sinatra were alive today, where would he go?

MJ: What is your favorite meal?
CP: That’s like asking me what my favorite song is.  But I’ll say I love Italian and Japanese food the best.

MJ: How did you get involved in the music business?

CP: I have been writing music since I was ten years old and simply have a passion for it. Actually, since we’ve opened The Hunt and Fish Club, some great people within the music business would dine with us and I was able to develop some amazing relationships within the music business.  Also, being in and around nightlife for a large portion of my life, I have been lucky enough to rub shoulders with some very accomplished people within the record business. I’m looking forward to continuing to grow and learn more from it.

MJ: How do you manage your time in the 24/7 world of NYC night life?
CP: Thank goodness for my iPhone because I can stay in touch and conduct business from my phone. I’m very good with time management and only doing the things that will enhance my life both personal and professionally.

MJ: What are your thoughts on the growth of fast casual dining in NYC and the casual atmosphere that millennial diners desire?
CP: I believe that we live life at a very fast pace and headline only society today. Millennials need information in 2 seconds which probably means they need their meal in 2 seconds. Suits are done. Business casual is in. Everything is faster so it only makes sense that the future of the food business is…FAST CASUAL.

MJ: What makes a great party beyond the basics? 
CP: In my opinion and I’m sure many of my friends would agree, what makes a party great is the mixture of people. When you have a room filled with the right people, there is nothing better so definitely make sure to know your crowd.

MJ: Please tell our readers what special signature touches you add to take a party to the next level of success.

CP: Again, same answer. A mixture of the right people and free booze helps as well.

MJ: What do you do to relax?
CP: Please define the word relax as I have no idea what that is or even means. Ha!  One day I’ll learn though.

MJ: Who are your mentors?

CP: In life, my mother and father.
In music, my friend Tina Davis (Def Jam), my friend Ric Wake (Grammy award winning record producer) and my friend Jason Flom (Lava Records).
In restaurants and events, Walter Rauscher (Tavern on The Green, 21, Russian Tea Room).

MJ: How has your father’s business experience influenced your business decisions?
CP: I have learned many things from my father but through his business experience I have learned the art of building relationships, friendships, multi-tasking, being responsive and negotiating.

MJ: What do you want our readers to know about you?

CP: I would want our readers to know that I’m very transparent and I care very much about what I do.

MJ: What would you tell your 8-year old self?

CP: The two things that I would tell my 8-year old self would be don’t be surprised when things don’t go your way, and a lot of your friends will let you down.

MJ: Thank you Christian for taking the time to speak with me and I wish you continued success with your restaurant.

CP: Thank you and you and your team are always welcome.

Hunt & Fish Club debuted in the heart of Midtown Manhattan late 2014 with a classic, yet contemporary menu of exceptionally prepared steaks and game as well as a unique selection of canapés, seafood offerings, an extensive wine list, steak sauces prepared table-side and specialty cocktails. To make a reservation: (212) 579-4949 http://www.hfcnyc.com/home



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