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Entrepreneur J. Alexander Martin of the 1992-launched urban clothing line FUBU (For Us By Us) recalls attending a conference in La Vegas that changed his life after the rise and fall of the brand. The millionaire’s conference featured men and women from across the nation speaking on how they came to create their empires. Martin was asked to speak on his launch of the iconic 2000s luxury urban clothing line FUBU, although he wasn’t a millionaire. However, he left with money on his mind, fixated on a one of the featured reads, “Money Makes Me Crazy” by Ted McLyman. Upon returning to New York, Martin reached out to McLyman, saying, “I need to take this concept and share it with another generation.” The two decided to work together, with McLyman detailing the fundamentals of using your money wisely while Martin highlighted the fact using FUBU as an example. Together the two launched “Money Makes Me Crazy: How I Squandered Millions of Dollars Building The FUBU Empire” in July 2017.

Martin hopes this book can help others think more consciously about their money and success, he tells me, “We often want to show that we have money and in the book you find out if you’re a spender. I found out I was a spender. So I have to think about my relationship with money differently. As an entrepreneur you’re the last one to be paid.”

Putting that frame of mind to work along side FUBU co-founder, Daymond John (Shark Tank), the apparel moguls launched FUBU Mobile hoping to compete with major phone and communications retailers while offering customers better rates. “We teamed up with T-Mobile and was able to secure a phone service and phones and opened up a few locations – the goal is to open up 150 stores by the end of this year,” Martin shared. Currently, there are six locations, five being in Brooklyn, New York and one in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Even amidst the launch of FUBU Mobile, Martin and his team continue to focus on their staple – clothing. FUBU has plans to relaunch with Timberland and Starter athletic wear as the brands are currently in talks. Regardless, FUBU is still putting in work. The brand recently collaborated with Puma to celebrate Black History with the release of two sneakers and 13 articles of clothing. “Puma approached us and it only made sense for two iconic brands to work together,” Martin added on the exciting partnership that includes items available in  Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Foot Locker, and exclusives on FUBU.com.

While making money is a high priority for Martin, so is giving back. Martin spends his spare time as the President of the New York State Black Chamber of Commerce. “I focus on entrepreneurs. When I first started I didn’t have anyone to look to. I had to do it on my own, so I want to help build other businesses and [others] reach their dreams” Martin shared.

Grab FUBU apparel online and find J. Alexander Martin’s new book on Amazon.

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